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County Criminal Court

A County Court is a court having a jurisdiction over several counties. Counties are sub national territories within a country. The composition and power of the County Court is different in different countries. For example, in England and Wales the County Court is the primary trial court. There are 216 county courts and they hold almost all civil cases. In Australia, the intermediate court is referred to as the county court. Other than murder, manslaughter and treason, they hear other serious crimes. In the United States, many states have County Courts. They may differ in functions; some may be structured solely for administrative purposes while others may have jurisdiction over criminal cases.

The County Criminal Courts deal with criminal cases like felonies, misdemeanors. The cases where the defendant is charged of a grave crime such as assault, theft, fraud or murder are regarded as criminal cases. In the state of New York, where there is a County Criminal Court, hearings for felonies or misdemeanors or small claims are held. The County Court has the authority to handle all criminal cases in the state within its jurisdiction. Felony cases fall exclusively under the grip of the County Courts while misdemeanors and other minor offences and violations are tried in the local city, town or village courts parallel with the County Courts.

County Criminal Court Cases

A County Criminal Court Cases records is maintained which contains the details about any case in any state along with other related facts. The number of criminal cases in a year is too many and keeping a record of them manually is a difficult task. The online records of the County criminal Courts are an effective way to look for criminal records. They can be searched for free on the internet. By surfing the county criminal court case records, one can quickly go through all the different cases held in the county.

The government maintains the criminal records. Records of juvenile cases like adoptions, juvenile delinquencies, child abuse and neglect, parental rights and supervision and children in need of supervision are also available. An easy access to these records can make the task of many normal citizen, businessmen or employer very easy. Many agencies prefer to carry out verification and background checks before employing anyone. The county criminal court records help to locate and discover if a person has any criminal background. Identifying a sex offender becomes easy in this manner. In addition to it, performing these searches minimizes workplace risks like theft, damage of work place properties, sex offences, and violent activities in the office. With the massive number of criminal cases each year, this record forms a user friendly catalogue of all the cases in each county.

Sometimes the Case Management/Electronic Filing System or the CM/ECF system can also access them by using a PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) login username and password. a nominal fee has to be paid sometimes to gain entry to these sites or to download information from them. The 24 hour availability of these records adds to all the aforesaid advantages of a County Criminal Court record search.