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County Civil Court

County Civil Court , as the name suggests handles cases involving civil matters. The judicial matters handled by county civil courts are in accordance with constitutional laws of the country. The county civil courts deals with state related judicial matters; Family courts deal with civil matters related to divorce, child custody and family settlement issues. The probate courts handles property related cases and also that of wills and estates. Civil matters related to minors are handled by juvenile courts.

All the judgments of the civil court can be challenged at the Supreme Court level if a litigant is not satisfied with the legal proceeding. The Supreme Court of US has the final say regarding every affair of the state. It sorts out all types of constitutional issues.

The jurisdiction of county civil courts extends to matters that involves statutory or punitive damages and related penalties. In these courts lawsuits are filed to decide issues connected with real or personal property. Civil cases are filed to recover defamation damages made on a character. County civil courts handle bankruptcy cases.

In a state several civil actions come into question under the US Constitution and US treaties. Civil issues might even arise between citizens residing in different states. Admiralty or maritime jurisdiction cases of US are also handled by the district courts.

Find County Civil Court Cases

To find County civil court cases an individual can access several web portals which provide online access to court records. Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority in the nation, documents the court cases and judgments related with them for cross-references in future by another district court or.

Online county civil court records and case files help people to do background check of person or property. In some cases, you need to do a thorough checking of the background of a property before buying or selling because it might be entangled in civil, legal problems.

County civil court records can be accessed online through PACER. It is the acronym of Public Access to Court Electronic Records. Docket information and case files Information can be easily accessed. These online records are authentic and can be relied for any kind of legal proceeding. PACER is easy to access and user friendly; it saves valuable time of the justice seekers by avoiding several trips to the court premise in order to collect court papers. Vital records of court can be obtained from these web portals.

Procedures of Filing Civil Cases

Civil case refers to filing of a complaint that starts a civil action. One of the common civil cases is landlord/ tenant problem. There are certain procedures that need to be followed while filing cases in county civil courts. Court forms, complaint forms, civil case cover sheet addendum and statement of location needs to be filled up before case hearing session. A complaint is a legal document that describes the offences committed by the defendant and the consequences of the offences. The complaint forms can be collected from the Clerk's Office.