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County Circuit Court

The US government follows a federal structure of law. The juridical powers of the states and the nation are prominently demarcated. The states of United States in turn comprises of several circuit courts which exercise original jurisdiction over state related matters. It deals with civil and criminal cases; if a justice seeker is unhappy with the legal proceedings of the county circuit court he or she can approach the Supreme Court of US for a review of the appeals and the decisions of these lower courts.

In general, county circuit court can be seen as a court of general jurisdiction on a state level. Circuit courts, usually have limited appellate jurisdiction over appeals that arise from Probate Court, Magistrates Court and Municipal Court. These courts can also hear appeals from Administrative Law Judge Division. In these regards the county circuit court cases pertains to state administrative and regulatory agencies.

In United States there are 94 judicial districts. The district courts of Guam, Northern Mariana and Virgin Islands can hear federal cases. Such cases include bankruptcy cases too. The states of US are classified into judicial circuits; the circuit courts are located within these areas. A resident circuit judge supervises judicial administration of, county circuit court cases. The circuit court judges are selected to serve a specific official tenure. In some cases the judges are selected on a nonpartisan basis. Bankruptcy courts are separate entities of the district courts. In US there are 2 specialized courts that can exercise nationwide jurisdiction; they are Court of International Trade and United States Court of Federal Claims. The former one deal with international trade and customs related cases and the latter one deal with monetary claims against state disputes over federal contracts. United States Court of Federal Claims handles unlawful acquisition of private property by the federal government.

County Circuit Court Records

County Circuit courts are trial courts of the federal judicial system of United States. The legal proceedings of these courts are documented for future reference by the law makers as well as the law seekers. Electronic access to public records is made easier through PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). Docket information of cases can be obtained. The database system of PACER is maintained by the respective courts and is regularly updated for the convenience of the law seekers. There is a distinct url (uniform resource locator) for each court; so, when you are looking for county circuit court records you need to browse the specified url of the court. This online access system is easy to navigate and saves valuable time of people by reducing the number of court trips.

There are sites or web portals of a state which serve as an expert online guide for circuit court cases and its legal proceedings. The website of Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) is an instance of it. This website provides information of Wisconsin's Circuit Court Records along with public records of the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP). Some of the confidential information of county circuit courts is barred from public viewing like juvenile delinquency cases. One can access these public records sites throughout day and night.