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Washington Courthouse Records

A number of civil cases come up for hearing in a Washington State Court House. While it is possible to go through similar Washington Courthouse records, it is always advisable to take proper legal advice before you initiate a case at the Washington Court House. All civil disputes filed at the Washington courthouse are turned over to the office of the county clerk for calendaring. They are then presented to the presiding judge of the Washington county court and are argued if the judge decides on a hearing.

Washington Court House Search will also help you to uncover landlord tenant disputes, all of which come under the jurisdiction of the Washington county court. Forcible entry and eviction are the most commonly disputed cases that come up for trials at the county courts of Washington. The landlord is required to let the tenant keep his personal possessions in the rented premises unless the court directs otherwise. Small claim demands involving amounts not exceeding $7,500 can be filed in the county court of Washington too. These cases normally do not require the intervention of an attorney and can be filed by the party himself. Records of all small claims cases can be viewed by accessing the resources of Washington Courts Online.

The family department of the Washington circuit county court handles all sorts of family dispute cases. Cases pertaining to marriage, the Washington county courthouses usually resolve divorce, custodial rights and domestic violence. Traffic offences, on the other hand, can be tried at the Municipal, justice, juvenile or circuit courts of the Washington County depending on the nature of the offence. It is mandatory for you to appear at the specified court at the proper time failing which you may be charged with an additional case of misdemeanor. Unlike a few other county courts, the courthouses of Washington do not permit the option of trial by affidavit.

The criminal records heard at the county courts of Washington can be checked online by conducting a Washington Court Docket search. Entering the proper docket number will ensure the return of a proper search result. The Criminal departments of the Washington County courthouses handle cases of felony, misdemeanor and violation of probates or of criminal nature. The department is also responsible for handling of all arraignments, expungements of criminal cases as well as pre trial releases.

Copies of all court documents are available from the office of the Washington Courthouse on weekdays during office hours. The records department of the court helps the public in conducting searches and provides them with copies of court document in exchange for a small fee. However, the electronic system of public access to court records is a much easier option and you can conduct the search from any geographical location of the country. Finding out local court records may help you take decisions regarding purchase of property or hiring of an employee. Family court records online will also help you to check for custodial rights of minor children.

The cost effective online sources are the best when it comes to checking court records. Locating a file from court records is cumbersome if you try to do it from the court itself. Online sources on the other hand have a comprehensive database of the files and any particular one can be tracked down easily.