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Virginia Courthouse Records

The Supreme Court of Virginia is one of the oldest incessant judicial bodies in the United States. It is entrenched deep in the British legal system dating back to the early 17th century, part of the Charter of 1606 under which Jamestown, the first everlasting English settlement in North America, was established. In 1623, the Virginia House of Burgesses shaped a five-man appellate house court which met periodically to hear appeals from the lower courts. On the first day of March, June, September and December, it came to be known as the Quarter Court.

Changes of course took place over the next more than 300 years. In 1661, after plummeting the June term, the Quarter Court became the General Court, with appellate jurisdiction in both civil and criminal matters. It was the court of last alternative for colonists in Virginia except for the exceptional incidents when an appeal was permissible to be made before the king of England. Judges were selected by the king on the basis of communal standing, property and immediacy of their estates to the capital in Williamsburg. While most were competent jurists, few had official legal training.

Following the Revolutionary War, the courthouses were reorganized. The new Virginia General Assembly in 1779 produced four superior courts, together with the Supreme Court of Appeals, which was created by judges from the other three courts of the day ? the Admiralty, General and Chancery courts. The Supreme Court of Appeals, afterward a model for the United States Supreme Court, first carried out in Williamsburg on Aug. 20, 1779. Soon after, the court moved to Richmond, which sooner or later was the capital city.

Virginia court house records which are accessible for public screening are generally constrained by the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia. The OES system has been nominated as the central office of management for the courthouse records of Virginia that are appropriate to cases processed in by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Court house records of Virginia are available online with negligible amount of restrictions on right to use and only to those subscribers who have pre-registered, by the Code of Virginia ?2.2-3808.2?Section D (1).

The state of Virginia welcomes any sanctioned handling of state informational websites. The state of Virginia has made all the efforts to deliver present and precise information in regards to Virginia court house records. Nevertheless, any information such as courthouse records and case files that have been gathered through online ways are not administrative copies. The only administrative copies of any courthouse records are those which have been made available through official wishes processed by the definite court houses.

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All these are available from a number of online sources, one of the best of which is PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records.