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Minnesota Courthouse Records

"Minnesota has adopted a 'go-slow' approach" to making its court records and case files go global -- Paul Anderson, the Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, was quoted saying in the press conference held on November 16, 2007. After years of research and preparation, finally the Minnesota Public Access Remote went online, thus allowing the public to view and access the courthouse records and case files over the web. This has certainly gained immense popularity over the years as it has made the entire process of locating court records and case files easier and simpler!

During the past, conducting background checks of people requesting for court records and files and documents was not just tiresome, but costly too. Obtaining a single courthouse record could cost invaluable time spent in queues and sending in application forms. With the World Wide Web however, you can have all the data you need at a click of your mouse. By searching Minnesota Court House records, you will be presented with loads of websites supporting free online searches of court records to suit to needs and requirements. For instance, you want to find a specific divorce record. In the court records websites you simply select the record category and enter the case file or docket number, and almost immediately you'll be presented with a complete picture of that particular marital history. In any of the customary divorce records you'll come across the names, addresses, date, time and location of divorce, reasons for divorce, alimony and many such minute details. And not just divorce cases, Minnesota online court records will let you access and view every other case file filed by the Minnesota Courthouses , and that too without you having to spend a single pie to access those super informative files and documents.

Minnesota Courthouse has come up to make the court records and opinions and judgments available for public view over the web servers courtesy, the Minnesota Appellate Courts Case Management System (P-MACS). This system requires the Minnesota Judicial Branch to provide an online inquisition tool for e-case records across the state, called MPA Remote. When using this remote system, a fair number of Minnesota court records are available to the general public for viewing. However, all courthouse records and files accessible through the MPA Remote are strictly displayed in "a public-view version"; that is to say, all personal data and information related to the specific record are removed from the case files and Minnesota county court records. Precisely, the information available for public view via the MPA Remote includes case information, judgments, opinions, courses of actions and calendars. It is however to be noted that, criminal and traffic case files are never accessible through online sources. These records can be accessed through the courthouse public terminal.

Every Minnesota Courthouse provides e-access to public records across the state through the public access terminals. These terminals offer full access to district court case files as no restrictions are Imposed upon these case files by the MPA Remote (refer to rule 8, subd. 2).

There are a number of online databases available over the internet that lets you perform a free search of Minnesota court house records and cases. Record Project, Public Record Center, Court Records have come up with their own set of comprehensive databases of all closed case files. Organizations and private citizens may at times want to refer to some of the old courthouse records, and with these online directories at their service it's time that you be a smart citizen.