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Kentucky Courthouse Records

Kentucky courthouse records can be found online with ease. Most of the Kentucky Courthouses have limited jurisdiction over both civil as well as criminal disputes arising in the local area. The limited jurisdiction also means that a Kentucky Court House can hear only certain type of cases. Juvenile matters, city and municipal ordinance violations and traffic offences are the commonest type of cases that come up for hearing. Felonies of non serious nature as well as probate matters especially when a person dies intestate is heard by the county courthouses of Kentucky. Domestic violence and abuse also periodically come up for hearing in a Kentucky courthouse . The courthouses decide both voluntary as well as involuntary commitments of mental patients as well.

Although the judicial districts have a total number of 116 judges presiding over local cases, the judges are often required to travel from county to county for hearing county courthouse cases. The documentation of the county courts of Kentucky are overseen by the circuit court clerks of the state. They also double up as the district court clerks for that particular county. All papers are marked in a meticulous manner and docketed chronologically. All courthouse records are maintained both in paper as well as electronic formats. Cases filed in Kentucky courthouses amount to almost a million every year. According to the statistics, the courthouses of Kentucky had amassed a total amount of $260,368,280 in 2004 from fines, court fees and other charges.

Docket information for court cases can be viewed from the web page of the Kentucky court of Justice. It is possible to conduct a search by selecting the relevant county from the drop down box provided within the site. The type of court also needs to be selected in order to get a satisfactory search result. The date of the case is required while conducting the search of a specific Kentucky courthouse case record. If you are unable to access certain details about your case, it is advisable to check with the office of the circuit clerk. Although every effort is made to have the official site updated with the latest and accurate information, the resource displays a disclaimer stating that the information retrieved from the web site needs to be verified independently.

Private resources will not be able to supply you with additional information. Searching for appropriate records by selecting the counties will give you access to various court directories for Kentucky. It is also possible to search for court opinions and legal aid resources if you are interested in filing a case in Kentucky. Searching for courthouse records of Kentucky by Party name or case number will also display the specific result within a very short time. You can also enter the specific 9-digit citation number in order to zero in on to your case details. The Kentucky Court Records Online ? KBA is yet another resource which helps attorneys to view the status of their cases especially if they have a backlog of cases pending trial in the courthouses of Kentucky.