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Iowa Courthouse Records

Iowa courthouse records its cases since 1827. The names of many Iowa residents are listed in civil court records, where information exists about property disputes, divorce, estate settlements and other disputes. The courts also handle criminal matters. Court order case files list a person's age, residence, occupation, and family relationships.

The Iowa District Court has general jurisdiction of all civil, criminal, juvenile, and probate matters in the state. Today, these case records are now available online through comprehensive computer databases. Access the electronic docket of Iowa's state court system. With this you can do background checks on people who they interact with everyday or prospective new employees. You can do civil searches for Lawsuits, judgments and liens, get copies of official transcripts and court orders and also check federal prison records.

Online access of court records require huge comprehensive database of case files which delivers instant and quick retrieval of files. It is the work of the county court clerk of the respective courthouses to maintain these in the court website. They provide comprehensive searches not only in the county of you choice but also state and nationwide.

To begin with your quest for free Iowa courthouse records online, you'll want to log on to the state's site. Visit to find all of the public information you're looking for in the state of Iowa. This is a free and authentic official site with no charge, available for anyone to use. Continue with online court record search for Iowa. You can search free Iowa court house records online by using a few different methods. Generally, most people prefer to search by name. To search with this method, click on the link labeled Case Search under either the trial or appellate section. Generally speaking, searches will be done under the trial section. Once again, you'll be directed to a new page.

Fill in the name section for your free Iowa court records online. It's best if you have the middle name, but it isn't absolutely required. Having the middle name or initial will simply limit the number of results you get, and reduce the likelihood of getting the wrong subject. You may also search a case by its case number which would reduce it to a particular record of your desire. When you search Iowa court records online, it's essential to keep in mind that a case is not the same as a conviction issue. So, be sure to see the disposition section to find out the results of that trial. Copies of complete documents are not available on this site and may be collected from the office of the Iowa courthouses physically.

Other agencies who provide such court records allows similar inquiries on Iowa state case records including docket entries, parties, judgments, and charges in public courts but a small fee. Conduct a court record search in Iowa's criminal courts, free court docket search, appellate court cases and online trial court search. Access over millions of Iowa Family court records, Supreme Court files, juvenile courts and more records, quickly and accurately.