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Illinois Courthouse Information

There are a total of 102 counties in the state of Illinois. However, not all Illinois Courthouses have total jurisdiction over all kinds of legal matters. While most resources online provide information about the federal judicial system of the country, there are a few governmental websites which offer Illinois Courthouse records online. It will prove to be more effective and less time consuming if you follow the relevant links in order to search for Illinois Court Records over the Internet. Most sites have web pages devoted to an entire county and going through it will help you to track down specific cases of an Illinois Court House.

The entire process of viewing relevant case records is simple and requires a proper search with either the case number or party name. Entering keywords in the text box also guarantees results although it is better to limit the search results by entering a specific identifying field as well. All records of Illinois Court Cases are meant for public viewing with certain exceptions. A few of the Illinois courthouse cases are restricted by the judicial system of the land. Illinois Court Access is normally denied if you want to view the details of juvenile offences or are interested in adoption records. Cases impounded by the county courts will also not be returned by an Illinois Court Public Records search.

Most of the records are not uploaded instantaneously and there is a time lag between the closing of the case and online display of its details. However, it is possible to check out the date and time of updation from the Illinois Courthouse records. While downloading of relevant documents are permissible from the Illinois county resources, mass distribution or large scale downloads are strictly forbidden by most websites. The Supreme Court of Illinois monitors the entire system of downloading court documents. Users found guilty of mass distribution usually have their IP addresses revoked. This measure is taken to enforce security and privacy of all data returned by a search.

Since the electronic access system of county court records is a fairly new practice, it is not possible to retrieve very old Illinois courthouse records. Most of the counties display courthouse data starting from the late eighties or early nineties up to the most current one. A convicted person may approach the Illinois county courthouse for an expungement or sealing of records if he does not want his court record to be viewed by the public.

Most of the Illinois county courts have jurisdiction over several types of cases. A presiding judge heads the county division of each Illinois County. The county division normally hears cases related to adoptions and marriage of minors. Real estate cases pertaining to annexation of land as well as taxation are looked into by the county courts of Illinois. Inheritance taxes and violation of municipal ordinances also come under the purview of the county divisions. Marriage certificates along with birth and death certificates can be obtained from the office of the county clerk in exchange for a small fee. Child abuse and domestic violence cases usually come up for hearing at the family courts of Illinois.