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Florida Courthouse Records

The Florida trial court system consists of Circuit Courts, County Courts, and Miami-Dade County Courts. County Courts have limited jurisdiction over certain types of civil and criminal cases. Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, but typically handle cases beyond the jurisdiction of County Courts. Miami-Dade County divides jurisdiction between courts differently than the rest of the state. There are individual court house for the courts.

With Florida court houses located in all the 66 counties of Florida, the judicial authorities also maintains the database of records required or authorized to be recorded in one general series called "Official Records" at the county level apart from hearing cases, performing trials and order sentences. Official Records search and document ordering function is a service of Florida's Clerks of Court. The records are available from the courts as well as inline through the websites.

The Chief Justice of Florida created the Committee on Privacy and Court Records by Administrative Order AOSC03-49 (substituted by AOSC04-4) on November 25, 2003, to provide useful recommendations to the Florida Supreme Court regarding the electronic release of records of Florida Courthouse. The committee has made several recommendations focused on overcoming the barriers that weaken the security of transactions and creating operating procedures which safely enable citizens to access the appropriate court records of Florida. The primary purpose of the committee was to aid in developing these security procedures for electronic access to official documents.

You can do Background Check, online people search, online criminal records check using the Florida Courthouse records. The superior court records as maintained by the officials are accurate and up-to-date. Thus the cases are updated and reflected within 24 hours duration. But most county courts update their online information each week night. Search the records through the case search inquiry records and type the individual party first name or last name to find records within minutes with all relevant details and files. You can also data the case date or case number to locate a particular file record. Search Supreme Court records of Florida by case number with a prefix of SC09 to find docket information, which is updated twice in a day, once at 10:00 a.m. and another at 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

The statistics revealed by the state of Florida affirms that there were 3,472,601 county court filings to 1,107,039 circuit filings in the fiscal year 2007- 2008 of Florida Courthouse. Among the circuit court filings, 37.8% were civil cases and 21.3 % were criminal offenses. 31.7% were family court issues while the remaining 9.3% was probate cases. The county courts recorded a majority of 67.3% of civil issues while only a 32.7% of criminal cases. You can view Case Disposition Orders, which dispose of pending cases without a formal written opinion. Examples include uncontested Bar discipline cases and cases dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. With respect to the county and circuit court dispositions, there were 2,825,249 and 896,841 cases respectively of which majority are of civil cases. You can also view Review Granted Orders, which accept jurisdiction in pending cases.