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Volusia County Court Records

The Volusia County is one of the most popular counties of the state of Florida and with the growing number of court cases filed each year, it is imperative to preserve a huge database to enlist all regular file-suits and this calls for the maintenance of Volusia County Court Records.

It is the duty of the clerk of the circuit court to maintain the Volusia County Florida Court Records. Search for civil, family, and probate court records in Volusia County, Florida by case number, case type, category, name, and/or date. Research Volusia County Courthouse Records to locate Marriage and Divorce information, embracing certain partner given name and ages, address histories, family niceties, matrimony license information, separation and wedding proclamations. Also get your first Background Report free to be used anytime from Volusia County Court Records

The Volusia County Public Court Records provide access to the most extensive, best-organized and most frequently updated online directory for the court records. Reliable, accurate and easy to use, these records serves many purposes for different people with factual data and statistics. It is the one source for all private investigators and professional researchers.

Apart from online accessing, the Volusia County Court records can be collected from the county court clerk offices by hand requesting for a particular record(s). They are available at:

County Court of Volusia CountyVolusia County Courthouse Annex 125 E. Orange Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32114Phone: 386-257-6081 (civil) 386-257-6084 (criminal)

Also in other offices at: 101 N. Alabama, De Land, FL 32724 (Phone: 386-736-5915) and 124 N Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 (Phone: 386-423-3304 (civil) 386-423-3320 (criminal))

Find and Verify Volusia County Court Records

Though official records and court documents can be retrieved from the offices which take around 5-7 days, it is much of an intelligent idea to search Volusia County Court records through the internet from the government records database. This effort is handy to receive case information within minutes. Easy accessible and quick to retrieve, lot many people bank upon these online search techniques. Search Volusia County Court Records for small claims matters and traffic cases to the state Supreme Court decisions. Access bankruptcy courts, search for liens, judgments and court case information available to the public online.

Case searches are available for Volusia County Court Records County Criminal, County Civil, Family Law and Probate case records and case events.

Criminal- Criminal case files are available to the public for viewing unless the case has been sealed or expunged by order of the court. Customers may purchase copies of documents from a criminal case file with a fee of $1.00 per page copied. If the requested copy is to be certified, an additional $2.00 will be charged. It includes felony cases and misdemeanors.

Civil- All civil files are available online or from the office in the form of Volusia County court records . The Clerk's Office performs record searches upon request. The request should be made in writing or in person to our office. This information may also be obtained at no charge by using one of the public access terminals located in any of the court offices.

Family Law- This includes matters arising from dissolution of marriage, annulment, paternity, child support, custodial care of or access to children, adoption, injunctions for protection, and all proceedings for modification, enforcement and civil contempt of these actions.

Probate- probate cases are suits by which the assets of a deceased person are properly distributed to the heirs or beneficiaries under a will. The court oversees that incase there is no will; the assets are appropriately distributed to the heirs. It also makes sure that the debts are paid duly.

Apart, it settles small claim issues, to provide expeditious and relatively inexpensive adjudication of small debts. Small Claims Court may hear disputes that have claims for monetary damages up to and including $5,000. Though it handles juvenile cases of persons under the age of 18, records of such litigations are barred from public access as ruled by law. Release of any information regarding a juvenile is limited and may only be obtained by appropriate parties to a case pursuant to Chapters 39 and 985 of the Florida Statutes. A party must present proper identification in order to obtain information and/or copies of a juvenile's record(s).Traffic violation and traffic cases are too available.

To view specific and detailed case records use Volusia County Court Records Search with name or case number data. To view general court schedules, case events for specific case types, use the Case Information Event Inquiry. Daily reports are generated for new suits filed in county cases. Daily files remain available for approximately 30 calendar days. Criminal Arrest Information is available on Volusia County Court Records daily consisting of 24 hour arrest data of individuals arrested and booked into the Branch Jail. Volusia County Court Records consist of detailed citation, statute information, violation status and account information for non-criminal traffic violations. Searches for Volusia County Court records are generally performed using last name and first name, or citation identification (mainly case number). Official Volusia County Fl Court Records consist of documents relating to property transactions (deeds and mortgages), court-ordered judgments (restitution for victims of crime), marriages, divorces, power of attorney and probate (wills and estates.)