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Pinellas County Court Records

Pinellas County Court Records can be searched from various online resources which provide the facility of checking through the Pinellas County Florida Court Records. The county court of Pinellas forms a part of the sixth judicial circuit of Florida. The population of the Pinellas County far exceeds that of the bigger county- Pasco. It is possible to check the Pinellas County Public Court Records for all the five court facilities of the region.

The Pinellas County Circuit Court Records reveal that these trial courts of Florida have limited jurisdiction over all legal matters be it civil or criminal. All misdemeanor cases are ruled over by the county courts of Pinellas and a comprehensive search through Pinellas County Criminal Court Records show that all municipal as well as county ordinance violations are treated as criminal offences by the county. Most of the offenders are punished by jail time of a year or less. Civil disputes for less than $15,000 can be heard by the Pinellas county court. However, a review of all Pinellas County Civil Court Records show that the amount does not include the interests and other related court expenditures. Civil cases not within the jurisdiction of other circuit courts are also tried at the county courthouse of Pinellas.

They often include small claims cases, landlord-tenant disputes and dissolution of marriage. The Traffic sections of the Pinellas county courts deal with both civil and criminal traffic offenses. The civil violations of Traffic usually warrant a monetary penalty whereas the criminal violations are punishable by imprisonment for a limited period of time. Appropriate searches for Pinellas County Courthouse Records, conducted by the name of the county judge also show instances of the judges acting as committing magistrates. Names of all seventeen county judges are usually displayed in the details of a Pinellas County Court Records Search.

Pinellas County Court Records

Pinellas County Court Records can be viewed online by subscribing to the Pinellas county website. This system of checking out legal records online is particularly beneficial for individuals as well as business entities who need to access the records for a variety of reasons. The information given out to the general public is in compliance with the statutory laws of Florida and the county courthouse databases return appropriate results based on the search terms.

It is best to subscribe for the service in order to get detailed and comprehensive information within a very small period of time. While non subscribers are also permitted to access the system, the access is not given on priority basis and the non subscriber is limited to 100 search transactions daily. Official county court records of Pinellas pertaining to adult records, traffic violations as well as small claims and civil dispute records are accessible to both the subscriber and the non subscriber. However, it is possible to hasten up your search if you decide to subscribe for the service. The subscriber also gets to enjoy additional facilities like viewing a wider range of records. Prominent hyperlinks between all relevant records are displayed to the subscribed user as well.