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Nevada Clark County Court Records

Clark County is the nation's 15th-largest county is located in the very southern tip of Nevada County and contains the most populated city in the entire state- Las Vegas. Even though the area is home to dozens of casinos it also contains a variety of different types of land, including desert areas and mountain areas.

With a staggering population of 1,777,539, this county sees a growing number of judicial offenses. To supervise these crimes, there are three urban Justice Courts in the Las Vegas and eight non-urban Justice Courts in rural Clark County. They have responsibility for matters ranging from felony arraignments and preliminary hearings to small civil cases (up to $10,000and landlord-tenant disputes. The Nevada Clark County Courts work closely with various criminal defendants and criminal justice agencies. In addition, the Nevada Clark County Court issue search arrest warrants and hold trials for misdemeanor cases and handle felony apart from hearing stage, including bail setting and probable cause determination.

The Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County oversees all municipalities in the county. The court is a forum for lawful dispute resolution insuring a balance of branch powers and constitutional protections. There are 37 elected judges to handle more than 90,000 criminal and civil cases that are filed each year in this court. All cases including Civil, Criminal, Probate, Family, Criminal Drug matter are resolved here. The records of these Nevada Clark County Court Records files are maintained by clerk officials. Nevada Clark County Court Records maintains court files from September 1909 through the present date.

Online Nevada Clark County Court Records

The Clerk of the Court retains Nevada Clark County Court Records and provides access to this information to the public, legal community and court related agencies. Information can be obtained in person at the Records counter, by mail, or online through the internet. Though this service is legal, some sensitive case information is strictly barred from public access. Thus, those who are looking for Nevada Clark Records to dig up information can find that information online or at the local clerk office.

A Clark County Nevada Criminal check also covers the District of Nevada court. Average turn around time in courthouse search takes around 5-7 business days. Some searches may take longer due to court procedures or if additional records need to be ordered. But online searches are much more relevant and easy. Quick retrieval of cases are possible mostly at free of charge or $1.00 per year, per name.

Some of the court records information that is available online is Court dates, past, present and future, Court minutes, Case parties and their attorneys, complete name searches and Judgment records. To view a file, present a valid case number to the Records or File Room Clerk. If the case number is unknown, present the party names, approximate year the case was filed and case type, so the case number can be researched. You can search Nevada Clark Record from the office database by applying physically or through mail. You need to fill up a request form with the fee paid in advance. In general, a Nevada Clark County Record search request is normally completed within 2 working days. If the file is not available or if the request is lengthy, it could take up to 5 days.

You may also view Civil, Criminal or Probate case information of Nevada Clark County Court Records on-line. Searches are mainly based on these case types. You need to search with case number or name of the convicts. By order of the court, individual cases can also be sealed by parties to prevent access by internet upon meeting certain statutory requirements.