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Louisville County Court Records

The city and the Louisville County Court system as well as the government of Louisville were unified in the year 2003 and created history with the successful Louisville/Jefferson county merger. A specific Louisville County Court Record can now be viewed by accessing the official site of the newly merged county. The jurisdiction of Louisville County Court is varied and encompasses almost all divisions of the law. The family court hears Child supports as well as domestic violence cases. The research ordinance commission of the Louisville County had been set up in 2003 and its main responsibility is to provide adequate legal support to the Mayor and Metro council of the Louisville/Jefferson County. With more than 35 civil attorneys representing the county, the Louisville County Records are extensive as well as comprehensive. Guardianship and conservatorship is a legal matter involving the appointment of a guardian for a ward who is legally incapable of taking care of himself. Details of all guardianship disputes can be viewed online by logging into the county's official website.

The Louisville County Court also has the right to prosecute certain criminals in accordance with the legal system of the state. Statistics show that almost 90 criminal lawyers are engaged in prosecuting more than 250,000 criminal cases throughout the district of Jefferson, in any given year. Domestic disputes, neighborhood disputes, petty thefts and minor assaults are normally heard at the county courts of Louisville/Jefferson. The assistant attorneys of the county courts of this region generally handle other offences like gun crimes, burglary and shoplifting. Review of criminal records online will reveal that the Louisville County Courts have the authority to try felony and misdemeanor cases. However, the case is passed over for a jury trial if the attorneys of the county court fail to resolve it satisfactorily.

A particular interesting fact is that almost all academicians aiming to join the University of Louisville on a teacher's tenure need to record their fingerprints with the criminal department of the county court. The process unit of the Sheriff's office normally delivers all civil documents received from the county courts of Louisville. It is possible to view the records by accessing appropriate official websites. Statistics show that almost 7000 protective and domestic violence orders are handled by the Louisville county courts every year. Hundreds of orders from the court are also received every day for eviction of tenants and seizure of personal property. This is done in order to pay off the delinquent debts of the person in question.

Louisville County Court Records

The county clerk's office of Louisville houses all the legal records and court documents of the county. It is possible to go through almost all records by accessing the online resource of the unified county of Louisville/Jefferson. Automobile licenses as well as property liens can be checked in order to ascertain the financial stability of a person residing in the locality. Collection of delinquent real estate taxes is also possible online. Going through the land records can serve as a precautionary measure if you are thinking of buying property. A lien placed on a property is public record and you will be able to check out the amount owed by your prospective seller.

Legal process pertaining to marriage can be viewed through this website as well. The marriage laws, consenting age as well as the entire process of solemnizing of a marriage are described in detail within the site. You need to write to the county clerk's office of Louisville in order to obtain a marriage license. The license can also be collected in person from the same office.

Driving under influence of alcohol is taken most seriously by the county of Louisville. Underage drivers accused of DUI are sentenced to imprisonment or are charged hefty monetary fines as are the persons who refuse to undergo a blood, urine or breathalyzer test.

Complete details of all land records can be viewed online as well. Logging in from the privacy of your own home or office can be beneficial particularly if you want to conduct a discrete search online for relevant records. The entire search process is completely free of charge and you can view as well as take print outs according to your convenience. However, the online system for viewing records is not operational 24X7 and you need to log in between Monday to Saturday 8A.M. to midnight in order to access the court records.