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County Court Cases

County court cases have now been made available over the world wide net, and can be accessed online since most states allow public access to county court records. While some government websites allow free access to county court files, others charge a small registration fee. However, copies of court records are available for a fee of a nominal amount. Apart from government websites, other commercial websites provide search services of county court cases for a fee. This is an ideal option if you do not have the time or the resources to conduct a search on your own. However, always check the credibility of the website prior to signing up with one. You need to be sure of the quality of information they provide. Some may provide only an overview of the case, which would render your search useless and a waste of time and money. A wise decision would be to study a few of the reputed companies and get answers to any queries you may have. The easiest way to search county court cases online or county court records is at the county clerk's website.

It is a constitutional right to gain access to County court files. All court records are not open to the citizens. Court files may be sealed by court orders or a statute may make the contents of a file confidential. For instance records of communications and information shared, between physician and statutes automatically seal his patients. These files are not available to the citizens until the expiry of the sealing order or court authorization. Juvenile court records are also kept confidential.

Copies of the county court files can be obtained at the respective county courts. County court retrievers search for specific records upon request, which are usually retrieved within 72 hours. However, for access to cases from multiple courts it is better to conduct an online search. Most states provide online county court cases search facilities. Other government sites include PACER, or Public Access to Electronic Court Records, that charges a small fee for records of county court files.

Online county court cases are also available through companies that offer database search services. The web-based sites can provide access to court records and other cases which include background checks, bankruptcy reports, sex offender records, tax liens, and marriage and divorce records, among others. Finding county court files is easy through online search since it can be done with a great degree of anonymity. Whether the reasons are personal or professional, you can have access to county court files without having to spend much time and money. Several of the companies that offer online county court case search services will retrieve accurate and relevant information on request. Whether you are a private investigator, law enforcement employee, or individual seeking credible information, you can have easy access to these county court files, online. All you need to do is provide a few details of the case such as name, maiden name or any other aliases and mailing address, and you can get instant results through an online search service.

In case of criminal court cases, each state has its own criteria for retrieving a person's criminal court history. However, most states need details such as the person's name, date of trial, and docket number. You also need to provide a valid identification prior to beginning a search.