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Wisconsin County Court and Criminal Records

Wisconsin County court comprises of the judicial bodies that are located in the judicial circuits of the state. The public information related to Wisconsin county court records and criminal records that are available on the net come as a great help for people who need legal support and justice. The Supreme Court has the right to review cases that arise from the lower courts of the varied counties of Wisconsin. It is to be noted that Wisconsin legal system does not recognize death penalty.

Justice is delivered by Wisconsin county court and criminal records available on the Internet serve as an online guide of the state of Wisconsin in the United States. This information allows background check of an individual or property and gives report of all civil and criminal cases. If you need to buy a property you can check whether that property is tied up with any legal hassle. There are web portals of Wisconsin counties that makes easy search of court records. The vital records of the county courts of Wisconsin save valuable time of people by reducing frequent visits to court.

The website of Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) provides general access to information of Wisconsin's Circuit Court Records and public records of the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP). The online information is a replica of the CCAP case management system as entered by court staff in counties where the cases have been filed. The summaries of the public records fall under Wisconsin open records law.

There are certain records that are barred from public access. Court records of confidential nature include juvenile delinquency, adoption, child protection rights, and termination of parental rights. It also includes guardianship cases and civil commitments.

Case information in WCCA website is uploaded on an hourly basis. Until and unless the site is subjected to periodic maintenance or facing technical hitches, an individual can find latest information about court cases filed and any sort of court records.

Supreme Court is the highest authority of the judicial system of Wisconsin. It comprises of seven justices who are elected through non-partisan election to serve tenure of 10 years. Chief Justice is selected on a seniority basis. It hears appeals of the county courts of Wisconsin and exercises original jurisdiction over limited matters. Moreover, it is the final authority who can resolve issues related to the constitution of the land.

It is the second highest judicial authority in the US state of Wisconsin. The judges are elected on a nonpartisan basis for a period of six years. Circuit courts, trail courts and municipal courts are integral part of the legal structure of Wisconsin. There are 69 judicial circuits in the state. The two hundred municipal courts that serve as Wisconsin County Courtexercise their jurisdiction over cases pertaining to local matters.

It is a voluntary association of Wisconsin is to help in judicial administration. The lawyers of Wisconsin need to be recognized by State Bar In order to practice law.