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West Virginia County Court Records

Court records and cases are usually documented for future reference. West Virginia County Court Records, in its online version, saves time of people by reducing the number of trips to the court. Moreover, public access to Information, barring certain confidential matters, makes the judicial system transparent. The count court records of West Virginia serve the purpose of cross-references.

West Virginia Judicial System

The state of West Virginia in the United States has a unified court system; all the courts of the state fall under a single system monitored by Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia. The judiciary of West Virginia is a three level structure. It comprises of circuit courts, magistrate courts and Supreme Court of Appeals.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

It is the highest court of West Virginia and also the last resort of the people. West Virginia is the sole state that has a single appellate court. It also features among the busiest appellate court in the United States. The justices of the Supreme Court hear appeals of decisions that arise from the lower courts; the attorneys present the arguments of the cases. The Supreme Court of Appeals justices have exclusive writ powers over proceedings related to habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition and certiorari. They also have the right to interpret constitutional laws of West Virginia and the United States.

Trial Court System of West Virginia

The trial court system of West Virginia comprises of circuit courts, magistrate courts, family courts and municipal courts. Circuit courts has general jurisdiction over any type of case (civil or criminal) but usually they deal with cases that lie beyond the jurisdiction of the other courts. The municipal courts have an independent existence; it is not within the unified single system. The magistrate courts can hear cases dealing with misdemeanors and preliminary hearing of any crime case. They also deal with municipal order violations. Family courts has jurisdiction over domestic relation cases, divorce, paternity, child custody and domestic violation cases. In places where municipal courts exist, these courts take municipal order violation cases; otherwise the responsibility lies within the magistrate courts.

The public records of appeals, petitions and judgments delivered by these trail courts are documented; the citizens of West Virginia can get updated information about felonies and misdemeanors committed by an Individual or about property that has been entangled with legal hassles. The sites, which provide public information of county court cases, act as online guide for the courts and the justice seekers.

County Court Records

The free and online West Virginia County Court Records is helpful for employment background check, marriage and divorce cases, and property report search. Both civil and criminal cases of West Virginia counties like Berkeley, Braxton, Brooke, Cabell and Clay are available in free public records forms. Public records of expungments and sex offences are also documented for the benefit of the residents. The updated online portal of West Virginia's public record is a ready reckoner of lawsuits, credit reports, birth and death records, bankruptcy records and false business filings.

The online sources are convenient to use and cost effective as well. All you need is pay a nominal fee and you can avail the information without any trouble.