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New York County Court Records

The county courts across the different states in United States of America have different kinds of powers. In some states, the county courts are purely administrative in nature, whereas in others they have jurisdiction to hear criminal cases. The first types of county courts function as the executive body for the local government. The New York County Courts fall in the second category and has jurisdiction over criminal cases. It not only functions as an administrative wing to the local government but also passes judgment in cases of felonies such as murder, aggravated assault, burglary, rape and sexual abuse. Hence, it is more powerful than most of its counterparts throughout the country.

Besides felonies, the New York County Court also hears petitions for misdemeanors and small claims cases. However, since the New York County Court is the court with original jurisdiction it mainly deals with felonies. Nearly 80% of all cases in the New York County Court over a period of five years have been felonies. The county court of New York has its offices in all counties outside of New York City. Each of these courts has jurisdictions over crimes committed within a particular county where the court is located.

The New York County Record pertaining to a particular court case can be obtained online. The only thing the users need is an internet connection. Initially the citizens of New York need to visit the official website of the New York County Court. Once on the website they need to click on the search menu button. Then they will come across a menu titled 'other searches' which contain sub menus 'court decisions' and 'case Information'. The case information page contains information about both active and disposed court cases in the New York County Courts.

The users have the option to search for the New York County Record using the index number, party name, Attorney name, firm name and Name of Justice. This information is provided to the users free of charge. More importantly it is reliable, accurate and up to date. The court decision webpage is generally of more use to law professionals who require such information for their cases. The website also makes public the official reports of the New York County Courts. Moreover, the website is properly structured which makes it convenient for the user to perform a search.

The records maintained with the New York County Courts are of equal use not only to the citizens of New York but also to lawyers and research fellows. The general public often uses such records to perform a background check on suspect individuals in their society. This is of essence if they wish to protect their friends and family from potential threats in the society. At the same time it must be remembered that a mere criminal record does not make a person or an organization guilty for life. Hence, any social and economic prejudice against such persons or companies is punishable in accordance to the US law. Attorneys are regular users of the New York court records for their official purposes. They often make use of previous case verdicts for their present cases.