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Nebraska County Court Records

Nebraska County Courts serve the citizens of each of the state's 93 counties. And all the cases are registered and recorded in the Court databases that are available to the citizens at a subscription fee as ruled by the law. Though these Nebraska County Court records can be manually collected from the court houses in the counties, online county court records are available at single mouse click.

Nebraska's Court Case One Time Search service launched through a collaborative effort between the Nebraska Office of the State Court Administrator and provides online access to court case records in all 93 county courts and 92 of the state's 93 district courts (excluding the district court in Douglas County).

The Nebraska Office of the State Court Administrator provided fast and easy online access to court records for Nebraska's people. 24/7 access of court records are available today at a small price which is much unlike those accessed from court only during the business hours after filing up the request forms. Nebraska's justice system now processes approximately 62,000 county court record requests per month. With the addition of the One Time Search service, ease and convenience have been expanded and now any citizen with a credit card can access court record information on the Internet. Much to the aid of frequent researchers, there is an annual subscription of $50. There are several billing options for your convenience such as visa, master card, debit card and monthly bill facilities.

Furthermore, this system enables information much more than just case details with date, offenses and outcome of the trial. You can have party listing, including the names of plaintiffs, defendants, and associated attorneys, court cost information including the fees associated with the case and the register of actions. Search these records usually by first or last name or case number. Users can also narrow down their search results using middle initial, date of birth, county, case type, and year. Otherwise, you can use the multiple criteria searches to find one or more cases. You also have the option of searching by party, county, case type, judge or attorney.

Persons seeking Nebraska County Court records from multiple counties of the state or making a request by mail or telephone should be informed that JUSTICE court records may be obtained by subscribing to the internet service of The service offers online access to all JUSTICE cases in the county and district courts in the state, except the aforesaid Douglas County District Court.

For details call at:
(402) 471-7810 or 1-800-747-8177
Or go to:

Any Nebraska governmental agency may request free access to from the Deputy State Court Administrator for Information Technology at (402) 471-3049. For access to Douglas County District Court information, please call 402-444-7018.

The information of the Nebraska Court Records and files obtained online are accurate and updated on a daily basis during the business days. After its launch in 2005, this has become the most reliable source of court information access serving plenty of purposes to a variety of people ranging from researchers to businessman and from criminals to innocents.