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Missouri County Court Records

To readily access Court Records and related county files, the Missouri County Court has developed Missouri State Courts Automated Case Management System. This helps you to inquire on case records including docket entries, parties, judgments, and charges in public courts. Only cases that are deemed public under the Missouri Revised Statutes can be searched in this automatic search system. is the Missouri Judiciary's case information portal. Missouri Supreme Court Operating Rule 2 governs public access to the records of the judicial department. The record information is contained in a group of databases, organized by Supreme Court, Eastern Appellate, Southern Appellate, Western Appellate, Fine Collection Center and individual Circuit Courts.

Missouri Supreme Court Operating Rule 2 allows the fields of case number, file date, party name and calendar date to be accessed in the electronic searches. Thus in the governments website, you can retrieve data either by litigants name search, filing date search, case number search or scheduled hearings and trials search. Here you will find case information on all civil cases, criminal cases and paternity cases though paternity files are not available until a judgment is rendered. Probate case enquiry and traffic rules violations are among the primary searches available.

Since this is a Missouri judicial branch's site as a whole, you will have a drop down menu to select the county name of your choice of which you want to get the record of. A user can choose to search cases in all of the four counties or in one of the available counties. When a county is chosen, then the location block populates with the individual divisions within that county. At this point selecting a Location will further narrow the search by defining the location within a circuit where a case was filed.

In filing date search, if the user knows the Start Date Field can fill in the index. Cases filed during the seven day period beginning with that date will be returned. Case number search is the easiest search techniques of the lot. This if known, will return the user specific data of only the record that the user desires to access. But not too many people are aware of the case number, until he or she is directly or indirectly involved with the case. Scheduled hearings and trials search method is used to query public, future, open events. Select the fields to query on future open scheduled hearings or trials by judge/commissioner.

The online search method of Missouri County Court files is far more advantageous than courtroom access of records chiefly in the fact that you can have remote access from anywhere in the world. You also get real time access to most court information and that too all round the clock. Your access to court cases is no longer limited to traditional business hours. Records are much easier to get while you get to search all the Missouri County Courts. To top it all, all these services of accessing Missouri County Records are free of cost and charge you nothing more than the internet price.