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Mississippi County Court Records

Access to Mississippi county court files for public viewing is consistent with the independent judiciary policies of the Mississippi constitution. The openness of judicial proceedings has always been a fundamental principle of the state court system in Mississippi. The State of Mississippi has established a policy concerning access to public records, as set forth in the Mississippi Public Records Act. Miss. Code Ann. ? 25-61-1. The searches include the County courts that has the general jurisdiction over chancery courts and circuit courts. It also covers the cases of the county courts, the justice courts and Municipal courts. The Mississippi Supreme Court also allows users to do a general docket search by entering the case number, party names, and/or attorney names. Though all Mississippi County Public Records are available as readily as possible, not all records are made available.

Mississippi County Court Records, which are subject to inspection, are maintained by the Clerk of the Courts and are open to the general public for inspection and copying during regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for legal state and national holidays. As public recorder, the Clerk handles the recording and storage of several types of documents and maintains various indexes that aid people in researching these records. Though records of court offices include document, paper, letter, map, book, tape, photograph, film, recording or other materials, online searches would only yield electronic data regarding case history and details.

In the state of Mississippi, different counties have individual judicial system and it is the clerk office of the respective counties that maintains its judicial case archives and makes it accessible to the people all over. These records are maintained in both paper and electronic forms. The archives' collection includes thousands of court cases from the files of the High Court of Errors and Appeals (forerunner of the State Supreme Court). The online catalog's "Quick Searches" offer three finding aids for court records? county, non-county, and Supreme Court? with entries for the individual parties named in the suit. Available records currently include both Probate and Circuit Court records. The authorities of the county courts maintain government sites through which case information can be researched other than commercially available sites that provide services with a subscription fee.

The search techniques are common in each of the Mississippi counties. You may search by first name or last name, case number or the date of filing. Authorities also maintain the newer and advanced option of enquiry by defendant's name and plaintiff's name to get a refined result view.

Public access to electronic Mississippi County Court records provides a convenient way for the public to monitor the judicial system and ensure the fairness and equality of its operations. Apart from the service to common people as stated by the courts, this electronic method of enquiry on judicial history of an individual is a part of the growing reality of e-government. Public electronic access to Mississippi County Records makes judicial proceedings more transparent but also making widely available personally identifiable and sometimes sensitive information that, while legally a matter of public record, used to be practically obscure are now easily searched.