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Maryland County Court Records

Maryland like all other states of America provides access to case information originating within the District Court system, the Circuit Courts and the county court system online apart from direct courthouse access. It was first introduced in January 2006, to satisfy common requests which were received by the clerk's office so that people no longer need to come and get the records. Easy case information is now found online with the click of the mouse and is both accurate and up-to-date. This refers to the ability to inspect, search, or copy a Maryland County Court record by electronic means from a location other than the location where the record is stored i.e. via the internet.

The information includes names of parties, city and state, case number, date of birth, trial date, charge, and case disposition. Case Search includes detailed case information for all Maryland County Court management systems including the Court of Appeals of Maryland, the Court of Special Appeals, a circuit court, the District Court of Maryland, and an orphans' court of Maryland. Maryland District Court traffic, criminal and civil case records and Maryland Circuit Court criminal and civil case records are available online too. Also contained are the administrative record and the business license record.

Maryland County Court House records maintained by the courts or by other judicial agencies are presumed to be open to the public for inspection except as restricted by the Constitution of the United States, the Maryland Constitution, the Maryland Rules of Procedure, federal law, applicable state law, court order, or case law. Maryland County Court records include all document, information, exhibit, or other item that is collected, received, or maintained by a court in the state in connection with a court case and any information in a case management system created or prepared by the court that is related to a court case.

Electronic court records that can be accessed online Information is available on all civil, traffic, and criminal cases in the state. This information includes defendant name, city and state, case number, date of birth, plaintiff name (civil cases only), trial date, charge, and case disposition. It is to be remembered that, all of the information collected at this site becomes a public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by members of the public, unless an exemption in law exists.

Subject to the rules and conditions established by Order of the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, an individual may view and copy electronic court records that are open to inspection: (a) at computer terminals that a court or other judicial agency makes available for public use at the court, or (b) by remote access that the court makes available through dial-up modem, website access or other technology. "Remote Access" means the ability to inspect, search, or copy a court record by electronic means from a location other than the location where the record is stored [Rule 16-1001(k)].

Though all public information of Maryland County Court is also available online, not all can be accessed as limited by the custodian, court, or other judicial agency. There will be no remote access to the name, address, and telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, and place of employment of a victim in criminal action and juvenile delinquency. This service of accessing the court records as served to the interest of the public by the Maryland Judicial branch is completely free of charge. The authority adopts a policy of charging a fee either if it accessed from the courthouse physically or through the internet electronically only if the duration is more than two hours. Thus if you search records for more than two hours you will be charged a reasonable price to provide the requested access. Same is the procedure with personal appearance in the office of the custodian. The Custodian may charge a small fee also for the making of a copy of a private record when required.

The search methods for the county court cases in Maryland are very similar to the others. Select the county of your choice where the case was filed. Then type in the first name or the last name of the person. This will yield the case records of all persons having similar names. Inputting the case number or the date of filing offers you better search result zeroing them down to few or a particular record. There are various categories of civil, criminal, traffic, juvenile and probate indexes choosing which categorizes your enquiry methods to only that segment. The benefit with this online inquiry method is that you can search multiple records without having to physically appear at the clerk's office. Over that, you can search records any time of the day where you get your files opened in front of you immediately which would otherwise take around 2-3 business days.