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Kentucky County Court Records

In 1777, Virginia's General Assembly was divided Fincastle County into three parts and created Washington, Montgomery, and Kentucky Counties. The act which created these counties described Kentucky County as being "to the south and westward of a line beginning on the Ohio at the mouth of Great Sandy creek and running up the same and the main, or northeasterly, branch thereof to the Great Laurel Ridge of Cumberland Mountain, then south westerly along the said mountain to the line of North Carolina."

In 1780, Kentucky County was divided into three counties: Jefferson, Fayette, and Lincoln. Within a few years, six more counties had been extracted out of those three. Between 1784 and 1792, people living in those counties held ten conventions on the question of statehood; on 18 December 1789, Virginia's General Assembly passed an act that allowed Kentucky to apply for statehood and on 1 June 1792, those nine counties became a state, with the full consent of Virginia.

Petitions to the General Assembly were the foremost catalyst for legislation in the Commonwealth from 1776 until 1865. The Library has petitions submitted by residents that became part of Kentucky County. The petitions, often submitted basically for public improvements, manumission of slaves, military claims, divorce, division of counties, incorporation of towns, religious freedom, and taxation, can be a useful tool in genealogical research.

These records are available on microfilm at the Library and through Interlibrary Loan. The Legislative Petitions database is an index to these records. In the locality field, select "Kentucky Counties" for those petitions that have an origin in those counties.

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