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Florida County Court Records

Florida Circuit Courts have broad jurisdiction over the entire civil and criminal cases, but characteristically only handle cases that are ahead of the jurisdiction of County Courts. Unlawful cases handled by Circuit Courts include criminal and lesser-included offenses. Social cases handled by Circuit Courts include common civil claims for more than $15,000, selection of interest, expenses or legal representative fees. Circuit Courts handle some landlord-tenant cases as well, all actions concerning the title or boundaries of real material goods and most cases that seek injunctive release.

Florida County Courts have partial authority over certain types of communal and criminal cases. Criminal cases heard by County Courts comprise of most delinquents and violations of municipal and county ordinances. County Courts also take care of some young traffic cases. County Courts handle most public and cases seeking justice when the sum in disagreement is less than $15,000, exclusive of concern, expenses or legal representative fees. County Courts share authority with Circuit Courts over disagreements in certain homeowners' links and most landlord-tenant cases. County Courts also offer a basic Small Claims process for qualified common civil claims within monetary limits.

Courts in Miami-Dade County are structured in a different way than courthouses in other Florida counties. In Miami-Dade County, the authority of Circuit Court and County Court is shared and prearranged into quite a few divisions, including Civil Court, Criminal Court, Family Court, Juvenile Court and Traffic Court.

The Civil Courthouse division is planned into sections for Circuit Civil and County Civil cases. The Circuit Civil section looks after most civil cases when the amount in disagreement is more than $15,000. The County Civil section provides an easy Small Claims modus operandi for most cases with less than $5000 in difference of opinion. The County Civil section also handles wide-ranging civil cases with up to $15,000 in disagreement and landlord-tenant cases.

The Criminal Court division is planned into sections for Circuit Criminal and County Criminal cases. The Circuit Criminal section handles felonies and associated criminal cases. The County Criminal section handles offensive criminal cases, definite communal infractions and municipal decree violations. The Code Enforcement office will look after some county decree violations.

The Family Court division looks after household relations and probate cases. Cases usually heard in Family Courts comprise of divorce, termination of marriage, child guardianship, child maintenance, and fatherhood, and adoption, change of name, estates, guardianships and psychological health cases. The Juvenile Court division looks after juvenile delinquency and juvenile reliance cases, as well as extinction of parental rights.

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