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County Court

A County Court is a court having jurisdiction over a single or several counties of the United States of America. County Court files show that a few counties merely administrative powers and cannot take any action based on the legal system of the country.

The Alabama county courts accept protection from abuse petitions that help to protect the women in the state.

Delaware provides information and judicial support via the official websites of its County Courts Online.

Misdemeanors, small claims as well as civil claims below $15,000 are handled by the County Court of Florida.

All birth and death records are kept in custody of the county clerks of Illinois. Going through the online resources for the counties of Illinois can also check marriage licenses.

The official state judiciary website for Indiana displays a list of counties which have been approved for posting courthouse information online.

Kansas government subscribers can access entire case histories of all county court hearings within the jurisdiction of Kansas over the Internet.

All Kentucky county court records are maintained both in paper as well as electronically. Over a million cases are filed in the county courthouses of Kentucky every year.

Maryland county court cases online provide valuable information on guardianship rights, estate details as well as family matters.

The official website for the state of Michigan includes links to all county courts within the area.

It is possible to trace one's genealogy by going through the county court records of Mississippi.

County Court Records of Missouri confirm that the county judge of the state serves as an executive instead of being an active member of the judiciary.

County court records for all the 93 counties of the state can be viewed by logging on the district and state online resources.

Small claims, family matters and small claims fall under the jurisdiction of various county courts of the state.

The counties of New York have the authority to handle petty cases of felonies and misdemeanor. Several small claims trial cases are also returned by conducting a County Court Search.

The website of the North Carolina court system provides links to all the 100 counties which enables the user to view all county court records.

All Ohio county court records are public records and can be accessed by logging in to the official state judiciary website.

Property assessment tax as well as inmate search and land records for Oklahoma counties are available online.

Oregon now has only 7 county judges who have the jurisdiction to decide county court cases.

Tennessee County Court records can be searched online by entering the appropriate case docket number.

All county information for the state of Texas including case search facilities can be obtained by accessing the Texas judicial system directory.

Washington county court has jurisdiction over several types of cases. Family and probate matters as well as traffic violation cases are heard at the county courthouses.

Magistrate as well as Municipal courts is present within each county of West Virginia. They are normally concerned with domestic and ordinance violations.

All county case records are made public in Wisconsin by means of the Consolidated Court Automation Programs.