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Civil Judgment

The term Civil judgment is used to refer to a final court verdict generally ordering one of the involved parties to pay a certain sum of money to the other party filing the civic lawsuit. So when will you be in need of a civil judgment? If you have been a victim of a criminal offense and want to recover your monetary losses from the offender this is the way forward for you. Civil Court Judgments imposes a series of restrictions on the guilty almost forcing them to pay the compensation amount to the victim. Crime victims are normally not required to file for a civil court judgment for getting the restitution they deserve from the authorities. In the year 2008 alone there have been a total of nearly 27,000 civil judgment trials in state courts country wide indicates Bureau of Justice statistics.

Collecting the money awarded through civil judgments can be a complex process. To get your hands on the restitution you may need to pay 50 dollars or more as court fees. Moreover if you plan to get the money without the assistance of an attorney you will need to keep track of information like where the offender works his assets and liabilities etc. Now the obvious question that will come to your mind is where you need to go to get all such information. One option you have is filing a request for order for disclosure with the court. However this can be a complex process and requires you to possess certain information. Next we look into some of the easiest ways to verify Civil Court Judgments online.

Find Civil Judgment Records

All Civil Court Judgments can usually be found in the office of the county clerk in the county where the court awarding the judgment lies. These records are maintained through a network of official databases and are provided to the citizens on request. However going over to the required county can often be inconvenient and time consuming. So we suggest our readers use the internet instead to look for all details pertaining to a County Court Judgment. Not only is this service available all round the clock but it is also cost effective and more efficient. But where exactly do we look? To add our problems only a handful of websites provide you with Civil Judgments record for free. One such example is the Internet Civil Judgment Registry which provides general public with records of civil judgments awarded by courts in any county of United States of America.

There are many privately owned companies who maintain a database of civil judgment records. You can search for the records of the cases that had been and heard and prosecuted at any part of the country. These are the public records that you will find in the records of the county clerk. Some cases can be searched online but for some, you will need to go to their office. There are some companies that publish the records of the cases that have been filed electronically over Internet. This submission in free and is a huge success because every individual values authenticity. With the help of a quick search of the judgment of Defendant can make an impact on what the debtor's intention is about the repayment of the debt.

How long the civil judgment can stay on public records depends on the law of that particular state. This tenure can vary from ten to twenty years and also what kind of judgment has been sentenced.

Once on the home page of the website click on the judgment search menu. Here you will be required to agree to certain conditions before proceeding. Then you need to perform a search operation on the official databases after providing values for defendant's first name, last name and the judgment state. You can also search for an organization by simply entering the company name. However, if your need is to research through previous civil judgments you can visit the website of division of Archives and records service. A Supreme Court judgment record can also be accessed in a similar way.

To give you an idea regarding the true importance of Civil judgment records, civil justice statistics indicate that 98,786 petitions have been registered in the Federal Courts of America alone. This has resulted in total median damage records of nearly 200,000 dollars. Thus, we recommend that you stay informed and constantly verify civil judgment records.