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Lien Search

To put it simply the term 'lien' refers to a legal claim by the lender on some property or assets of the debtor as a guarantee of repayment of a debt. In the United States of America the term 'lien' is also used for anything that limits the value of property like mortgages and leases. Liens can be consensual enforced by a written contract between the creditor and the debtor or nonconsensual usually imposed by the county laws. Consensual liens include mortgages and car loans whereas nonconsensual liens are restricted to tax liens, mechanic liens and judgment liens.

Lien Search usually refers to the process of searching through public records obtainable from both the county clerk's as well as the Secretary of States offices for the sole purpose of discovering any legal claims against the property of an individual or an organization.

In recent times the whole world's economy has been hit badly by the financial crisis and America is one of the worst affected with massive job losses and high rates of bankruptcy petitions in the local county courts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics under the United States division of Labor the unemployment rate has risen from 8.1% to 9.2% from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2009. Hence it is a must under the current circumstances that you perform a Free Lien Search to get an idea about the viability of any deal you intend pursuing.

There are many types of lien searches that can be done. Perhaps the most common forms of Liens Search are the search for property liens. Free Property Lien Search usually also include information about factors lien, bank masters lien as well as the court officers lien. To perform a property lien search you can visit the local authority's land records website. Here you will need to fill in a form which requires you to enter values for Last name, First Name, Municipality, date range and document type. Then you are required to click on the search button. This website also provides you with the option of a company search or a person search. Remember that you are never short of options when it comes to the internet. Other sites like 'Abika' also provides you with property background check information. The state lien search procedures in these sites are more or less the similar to the above mentioned one.

If you are interested in nonconsensual liens like the tax lien or the judgment lien you have the option for UCC or the Federal Tax Lien search. The UCC search provides you with options such as search by debtor's personal name, search by debtor's business name, and search by file number. The Tax Lien search usually requires either the federal tax lien number or the federal tax lien name.

The other Lien Search category which you will surely encounter in your quest of search for liens is the title lien search which is done to determine the interest of the seller in selling his or her property, the restrictions on the property and lastly to identify any liens existing on the property. To give you a rough estimate regarding the importance of Lien Search the assignable value of state liens in the tax year 2006 amounted to nearly 350,000 dollars!