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Civil Suit

Civil litigation or civil suit definition is all about the division of the law that deals with individual or personal and organizational disputes where compensation is rewarded to the victim. Civil litigation is completely in opposition to criminal law, administrative law, martial law or international law.

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Court Records serve as a resource of information for those people who need to search services and information for their personal needs. Court Records provides information for those seeking from sources such as county records and public records such as court dockets. Using civil litigation records that may be general civil litigation, complex civil litigation and even civil court litigation people can easily come across some useful court records online which are very economic as well as practical.

Access to civil court records varies from state to state, and there are many trial courts that put forward online access to civil litigation process or court case information through statewide judiciary or individual court websites like to find online court records and contact information for trial courts in every state and county. To help make a search on court records more objective and efficient, you can search by the court records directory that presents a summary chart of the civil litigation cases of court in each state, as well as more detailed information about the jurisdiction of each type of court.

Under the civil litigation law common people have access to the proceedings of the court and can find necessary information about civil suit online. Civil records are retrieved from local courts by the nationwide networks of court researchers to help make your search better.

Along with the information on court records and cases you can also find civil litigation forms online. There are self-litigation forms to present you in the court, civil litigation forms of court pleadings etc. In 1999, new rules under the Civil litigation Rules were introduced to improve access to justice. These rules are recognized as the Woolf Reforms as Lord Woolf formulated them. This made the civil court almost online accessible.

Online guides to civil litigation steps are also available for the common people. It may be regarding steps to file a civil litigation online or steps to avoid a civil suit. Civil litigation reviews help you to search, file and gather information concerning any civil court proceeding or case or view some well known examples of civil suit from all over the world at the comfort of your home with a very low or no expenditure. There are lists of links to online court record, statewide trial courts, individual trial courts and government agencies. From any local link you can have online access to civil court records, online court case information, court dockets, court calendars, published civil court orders, legal information, legal research, self-help tools, civil litigation services, online payment services for civil litigation fines and fees.

Individual civil courts offer online legal resources that are indexed in the Court Directory, with court location and court contact information for every state and county.