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Washington Bankruptcy Records

Washington bankruptcy records of 2008 indicate that the state occupied the 27th position amongst the 51 states in the country, in terms of the total number of bankruptcy cases filed. In 2008, the total number of bankruptcy cases filed in Washington was 15,568. These include cases that were filed under Chapter 7, 11 and 13. The Chapters determine the category of the bankruptcy case that is filed. The clauses are different for different chapters. Of the total number of cases that were filed in the country, Washington bankruptcies accounted for 1.55% of the total number. These included cases dealing with both individual and business bankruptcies.

As a consumer, one can file a case of bankruptcy in Washington under Chapter 7 and 13 of the federal bankruptcy laws. Chapter 7 illustrates the terms of Straight Bankruptcy by which one can get rid of the debts excluding the ones that are listed. This would help the debtor to reorganize their finances. Chapter 13 deals with Wage Earner Bankruptcy where the debtor is given an opportunity to clear the debt amount with the help of a financial plan.

The categories are would also determine the kind of exemptions the person will receive. Under certain clauses the exemptions may be allowed or extended under special consideration by the court of law presiding over the bankruptcy case filed under that particular court. Bankruptcy calls for the declaration of all financial documents and tangible assets. However, every state has its own set of bankruptcy exemptions. The things that are exempted from the list at the time of bankruptcy declaration in Washington include life insurance proceeds, professional tools amounting to $20,200, a house worth $20,200, ornaments worth $1,350, lost earnings payments, child support and alimony, if any, pensions and other retirement benefits, a vehicle worth $3,225 and many more. You can acquire information about Washington bankruptcy laws by browsing the website of the Washington courts.

Bankruptcy statistics are easily available on the websites of the Washington Courts. Therefore, even if you want to acquire information about a company's financial records dating back to a span of 10 years, you can easily retrieve them. This comprehensive information would give you an idea about the financial condition of the organization. You can even study the trend of bankruptcy cases in the state as there is a detailed account of the cases in each of the judicial districts and the nature of the lawsuits as well.

Find Washington Bankruptcy Records Online

You can find Washington bankruptcy records online through various systems. One of these is the PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records system. You can access all information from the district and bankruptcy courts, federal appellate courts through the Washington bankruptcy records available online. The user needs to register on the website and all relevant information is available at the click of a mouse.

Then there is also the National Archive and Records Administration or NARA that brings together all information regarding bankruptcy cases from the federal court in Washington and other states like Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. If you are looking for information about a case that was filed prior to 1997, then you should look at the records available with NARA.

In the Eastern District of Washington, the court offices in places like Yakima and Spokane are equipped with public access computers that furnish Washington bankruptcy record related to cases and copies.