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New Hampshire Bankruptcy Records

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. ? 157(a) and the standing order of January 18, 1994 (amendable), the court refers cases and proceedings in bankruptcy to the bankruptcy court of the district of New Hampshire. According to the local rules of bankruptcy, pursuant to B.R. 9029, the bankruptcy judges of this district are authorized to make such rules of practice and procedure as they may deem appropriate, subject to the requirements of Fed. R. Civ. P. 83.

The New Hampshire Bankruptcy records also include statistical information. This means that you can acquire information about the exact number of cases that were filed in the courts by browsing the website maintained by the local government. In order to make it convenient for the user, the cases have been categorized on the basis of the Chapters under which they have been filed.

Bankruptcy in New Hampshire is traditionally associated with being lazy and spendthrift. William Gordon, a New Hampshire opponent to bankruptcy legislation, pointed out that in an agricultural state the farmers/planter will be needlessly subjected to some compulsory process, quite opposite to an industrialized state which needed an effective mean of settling debt for rapid development.

In New Hampshire, a system of bankruptcy was very slow to develop - advocates of bankruptcy legislation only began to appear in mid-1800s with industrialization. New Hampshire's Daniel Webster strongly advocated the Bankruptcy Act of 184 (repealed in 1842 by creditors) in the New Hampshire Courts, pressing for uniform laws and clearing limitations.

New Hampshire remained hesitant towards bankruptcy as very few cases came up (average of 4 cases in 1940's) and were handled by residing district judge. The shoe and textile industries of the state declared bankruptcy during the 1960s. The economic slump in the 1970's also increased the number of bankruptcy cases. In tandem with the development, New Hampshire Bankruptcy Records are maintained online.

The United States Bankruptcy Court - New Hampshire District adopted the Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1 to implement the National Guard and Reservists Debt Relief Act of 2008 on 18th February, 2009.

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