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Montana Bankruptcy Records

All Montana bankruptcy records can be accessed online. It is the Montana Bankruptcy Court for the District of Montana that resolves matters fairly and timely within the jurisdiction of the court in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the United States by providing an impartial, independent, and dignified forum, in order to promote respect for the rule of law, engender public confidence and trust, and protect individual rights and liberties.

The bankruptcy records filed in Montana are then adjudicated in the Montana District Court as the federal law of US governs procedure in these cases. The court official who has the decision-making power over federal bankruptcy cases is the United States bankruptcy judge, a judicial officer of the United States district court. The bankruptcy judge may decide any matter connected with a bankruptcy case, such as eligibility to file or whether a debtor should receive a discharge of debts. Much of the bankruptcy process is administrative, however, and is conducted away from the courthouse.

Entities seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code may file a petition for relief under a number of different chapters of the Code, depending on circumstances. Though these records can be filed under all the laws of Bankruptcy, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, or Chapter 13 (Reorganization) is more complex reorganization and involves allowing the debtor to keep some or all of his or her property and to use future earnings to pay off creditors. Consumers usually file chapter 7(Liquidation) or chapter 13. Chapter 11 filings by individuals are allowed, but are rare.

All Montana bankruptcy records are the official proof of claims and can be used by creditors/debtors/anybody interested to enquire about the bankruptcy case status. They provide families, entrepreneurs, businesses and employers with confidential, reliable and low-cost background checks of various types. You can search our database of federal, state, county and private criminal records instantly for immediate results, or we can provide a more thorough search in a matter of minutes. The records available are for lawful purposes and are not limited to fraud prevention, asset verification, location of criminals, research for debt collection activities and compliance with federal, state, or local laws or regulations. As a matter of agreement, you should not stalking or harassing any individual using the records, neither can you use the data for any other purpose prohibited by law, making false pretences, etc. While accessing, you further agree that you shall not access, reproduce, duplicate, sell, resell, transfer, or exploit the data for any commercial purposes, whatsoever.

Locate Montana Bankruptcy Records

Montana, the state with a staggering population of estimated 967,440 in 2008 is sure to see a lot of Bankruptcy nature of lawsuits largely owing to such huge number of counties. With this steep rise in population growth rates, today, Montana sees more than a single Bankruptcy Record suit filed every month alone in that state.

In the latest Montana Bankruptcy Search, the last lawsuit filed is as recent as June 30, 2009 in the Missoula Office of Montana District Court where the appellant is The State of Montana Department of Revenue and the appellee is The United States Trustee of Great Falls, the trustee being Darcy M. Crum. This case is filed in 9:2009cv00094 under Judge Donald W. Molloy. The cause of action was the Notice of Appeal re Bankruptcy Matter (BAP).

Another relevant case is that of Blixseth v. Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC et al where the appellant and the appellee are Timothy L. Blixseth and Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC, Yellowstone Development, LLC, Big Sky Ridge, LLC and Yellowstone Club Construction Company, LLC respectively. This case is presided by judge Sam. E. Haddon and was filed in June 25, 2009 under 2:2009cv00047 in the Butte Office of Gallatin.In another Montana Court Record, Steve's Auto Sales faced a similar problem from the appellant Hyundai Motor Finance Company in January 24, 2007 in the Billing Office of Yellowstone County which was presided by Judge Richard F. Cebull (Case number: 1:2007cv00016).

Following the similar issue of Bankruptcy, did the appellant Robert Sumpter appeal against Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC, New CH YMC Acquisition, LLC and United States Trustee, Great Falls in Butte Office of Gallatin which was undertaken by Judge Sam E Haddon in the Montana District Court on June 22, 2009 following a Case number of 2:2009cv00048.

Further details of these Montana Bankruptcies and other Montana Records would be found on the Internet very easily, which are generally referred to as PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records. It is a service of the federal courts and provides case information on the Internet. There is an 8-cent-a-page fee for access to docket sheets and other case information. Also, there are a plenty of websites allowing common publics to access these records at a free or minimum price. But it is the government databases that are authentic and are recorded up-to-date more frequently. You can log on easily, search a wide array of state and federal databases, and search through, fast and secure, using your required parameters. To initiate your search in this, just type in the requested information and press search, and in seconds you will have the requested bankruptcy records.

It enables you to get the information you need to perform a quick background check. Today, your searches are made easy based upon the voluntary and involuntary type cases. In voluntary bankruptcy cases, which account for the overwhelming majority of cases, it is the debtors who file the petition in the bankruptcy court. In involuntary bankruptcy, creditors, rather than the debtor, file the petition in bankruptcy court. Involuntary petitions are though rare, however, occasionally are not too uncommon and are used in business settings to force a company into bankruptcy so that creditors can enforce their rights.

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The search mostly provides Case Number, Filing Date, Filing Type, Name of Creditors, Name of Debtor, Address of Debtor, and Copy of Court Discharge. Most bankruptcy cases are discharged after 7 years and removed from record after 10 years. Thus records more than 10 years old may not be available with entire details.

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Whether it be an employee, a business partner or an office colleague, having the right information will help you insulate yourself from fraud from any of these quarters. With the sources listed below, you can conduct various background searches of public records and information. Whether you are looking for private services to conduct the search or you are simply looking up information available online free such as license verification, court filings, sex offender list, legal research, property information and more. These Bankruptcy records of Montana give you the confidence you need to make informed decisions regarding your business or family.