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Kentucky Bankruptcy Records

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In the year 2008, there were more than 95 hundred thousand bankruptcy cases filed in United States. This included both business bankruptcy and individual bankruptcy cases. The increase represents a rise by 28.9% of the bankruptcy cases filed the year earlier with more than 75 hundred thousands filings. In the state of Kentucky, for the year 2008, more than 17 thousand bankruptcy cases were filed. This accounted for a rise in bankruptcy case filing by almost 1.8% of the total bankruptcy cases filed across United States. This countrywide statistic is based on the Kentucky Bankruptcy Records. The state of Kentucky ranks among the first 10 states in whole of the United States on the basis of per capita filings, for the year 2008.

If you are trying to get information on Kentucky Bankruptcy Records, there are several ways you can find it. All Kentucky Federal Bankruptcy Records and Kentucky County Bankruptcy Records are available under different categories. The Chapter under which the bankruptcy cases are filed determines these categories. The categories are Chapter 7 bankruptcy files, Chapter 11 bankruptcy files, Chapter 12 bankruptcy files and Chapter 13 bankruptcy files.

To file for bankruptcy in Kentucky you need to firstly, collect all details about your personal and financial information or alternately you can order your credit report. The credit report will provide details about all your secured and unsecured debts, assets, deeds to any real estate that you own, tax returns for the last two years, car loan document, and details of any other loans that you may have. Then you need to avail the services of a good attorney and with the help of your attorney file for a bankruptcy petition. Depending on the case you have to pay a filing fee. The fee is $200 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case and $185 for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. However, if you are filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case you will also have to furnish a repayment plan along with the bankruptcy petition.

Once a bankruptcy petition has been filed in the state of Georgia, an automatic stay comes into effect. An automatic stay stops any actions such as collection against your properties by the creditors. The creditors cannot take actions against you until and unless they seek relief from the stay.Exemptions

Bankruptcy Laws in Kentucky allows individuals to retain certain items even after you have filed for bankruptcy. These include sales proceeds exemption worth $5,000 for any real or used residence, proceeds from annuity contract worth upto $350 per month, Cooperative life or life insurance benefits, alimony and child support, personal jewelry, clothing and furnishing articles worth $ 3,000 in total, burial plot to $5,000 in lieu of homestead, health aids, motor vehicles up to $2,500, personal injury recoveries to $7,500, pensions, books, bible, food and fuel cost up to six months, tools, equipments, livestock and poultry of farmer worth up to $3,000, tools of non-farmer to $300, motor vehicle for mechanics, mechanical or electrical equipment mechanic, minister, attorney, physician, surgeon, chiropractor, veterinarian or dentist worth up to $2,500, public benefits like unemployment compensation, crime victims' compensation and workers compensation, health aids.

Before filing Kentucky bankruptcy court records, it is better to consult a bankruptcy attorney who would provide details of the chapter under which you should file the bankruptcy case. As per the last recorded data, in Kentucky the total bankruptcy cases filed under Chapter 7 was more than 22,000 cases, under Chapter 11 was more than 200 filings, under Chapter 12 around 6 cases and under Chapter 13 more than 4,000 cases were filed.

To Find Kentucky Bankruptcy Records you need to provide a Kentucky bankruptcy search over the Internet. There are several websites that would provide information on specific cases filed under the Kentucky Bankruptcy Record. One can use the PACER System. This system would provide all types of data pertaining to the Kentucky Bankruptcy Files and other Kentucky Court Records. The records on Kentucky Bankruptcies come for very low prices, you can get it very fast without much toil and moreover this information are complete in nature, so you do not have to worry about its authenticity. The PACER System is available online 24x7. So the time is not a problem. You can run a verification check on all the updates for an ongoing case or a recently closed one. Access to these records is anonymous and secure, which allows one to cross check any individual's bankruptcy history or credit history without disclosing ones identity.

The PACER is the acronym for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. It is an online public information service which you provide the user with information on different types of Kentucky Records on bankruptcy and other Kentucky Courts records including the District courts cases and dockets, Federal Appellate, and the Case Index. You can get access to this system at any court registered under the centralized registration of the judiciary or at any PACER Service Center. You can search for information on bankruptcies at any time that is convenient to you as the system remains online for 24x7. You can also get regular update on running cases and recently closed cases.