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Iowa Bankruptcy Records

Anyone filing for bankruptcy in Iowa will have their name listed on the Iowa State Bankruptcy Records along with the details of their case. Hence, you need to Find Iowa Bankruptcy Records in order to check the financial background of a person. As with any and all court records these days, both Iowa Federal Bankruptcy Records as well as Iowa County Bankruptcy Records are available to you online, free of cost and easy.

Find Iowa Bankruptcy Records

There are some essential pieces of information that you need before you do a search on the Iowa Bankruptcy Files online. Detailed information like the city, time, name and profession of a person will help you narrow down the search much faster. As a rule, most searches through Iowa Bankruptcy Records can be customized to include various parameters including name, profession, time or the like. Hence the more prior information you possess, the more it will help you.

Iowa Bankruptcies are mostly governed by the federal laws that are in place. However, like other states, Iowa also it's own rules, mostly concerned with the exemptions a person can get when filing for bankruptcy. Some of the bankruptcy exemptions offered by Iowa courts include:

  • House and property upto half an acre within town or up to 40 acres if outisde any city, town or village
  • Appliances and household goods upto $2000
  • Clothing up to $1000
  • Pension Benefits
  • One shotgun and one rifle
  • Unemployment Benefits
According to the Iowa Bankruptcy Records , 7036 bankruptcy petitions were filed in the state in 2008 alone. Even though this figure is lower than most other states, nevertheless it is still high enough for you to make an Iowa Bankruptcy Search when you want to perform a background check on someone from the state.

As all other state bankruptcy records, the database of Iowa too contain detailed information on the different aspects of bankruptcy and the laws associated with the bankruptcy. Detailed information on exemptions are included in this bankruptcy records. Some of the exemptions are listed below,
  • Recorded homestead dec laration is exempted under the section 561.4
  • All kind of incomes and proceeds pertaining to disability, ailment, serious illness, health problems, accidents and so on, up to US$ 15000, which is paid to child, surviving spouse or any other dependents is exempted under the section 627.6(6)
  • All incomes and avails from any kind of group insurance policy pertaining to the employees are exempted under the section 50-12
  • All types of proceeds from life insuarnce policy is exempted up to US$ 10000, if the claim is made within the second year of bankrupcty case filing or in case the money is given the spouse, child or any other dependent under the section 627.6(6)
  • All proceeds from life insurance policies which contains clauses like the same cannot be used for clearing the debts of the beneficiary is exempted under the section 508-32
  • All kinds of alimony and financial support to any child is exempted under the section 627-6(8)(d)
  • All types of licenses pertaining to liquor are exempted under the section 123.38
  • Any real estate or personal property used for the purpose of business partnership is exempted under the section 544.25
  • Pensions for all disabled police officers, law enforcement agents, firefighters is exempted under the section 410.11
  • Pensions for employees of the Federal government is exempted under the section 627.8
  • Pensions for firefighters is exempted under the section 411.13
  • Pensions pertaining to all kinds of peace officers are exempted under the section 97A.12
  • Pensions pertaining to all Police officers are exempted under the section 411.13
  • Pensions pertaining to public service employees are are exempted under the section 97B.39
  • All kinds of pensions which is required to provide support to any individual or a group of individual is are exempted for receiving payment under the section 627.6(8)(e)
Filing for bankruptcy under chapter 7 requires a fee of $299 in the state. Once an application has been filed, it needs to approved in order for the debts to be erased. However, approval is seletive and on many occasions the bankruptcy is converted to a chapter 13 bankruptcy in which one is required to pay off his debts slowly over a period of several years.

If your application for chapter 7 bankruptcy has been accepted, the next step is a "341" meeting whichh is actually the first meet of the creditors post the bankruptcy petition. Here questions are asked to the person filing for bankruptcy in order to guage his financial condition.

Whether it be an Iowa Bankruptcy Record, Iowa Court Records or any other type of Iowa Records, the Internet has enbled any person to use these to his benefit. Relevant information at the right time can help you avoid a wrong step and insulate you from the possibility of falling prey to a fraud. And, with over 967,831 bankruptcy applications in the US in 2008 alone, the possibility of abuse of the bankruptcy system seems apparent. Hence, you need to insulate your own Interests from these dangers. Get the right information and stay ahead.