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Online Bankruptcy Search

Honing your bankruptcy search, especially if you only have partial information, can be problematic. Without a full name and a social security name it is difficult to retrieve accurate case file information. Though knowing the filing date and perhaps even the state that the case was filed in are helpful, it is essential you have the person in question's name, social security number, date of birth, and in some cases his or her driver's license. The PACER Service requires a string of detailed information, short of which, you are not guaranteed accurate results.

While only federal courts have the authority to hear bankruptcy cases, finding a particular case is usually made possible by searching or knowing the state of the case's origin. Bankruptcies are filed federally, but searched for by state. Knowing when and where a case was filed can help you tremendously should you only have partial information about the applicants involved. All federal and state databases allow geographical criteria for broad-based searches. Knowing where a case was filed can filter out hundreds of thousands of irrelevant case files from your search.

All bankruptcy records fall under the scrutiny of public domain. That is, it has been deemed in the public's interest to know who has filed for bankruptcy, when, with whom, and for how much. It has been likened to the concept of full-disclosure, empowering financial intuitions and private citizens alike to make vital character and business decisions concerning potential lenders, partners, and employees. Ostensibly, this has been designed to dissuade individuals who have made detrimental financial decisions from attaining certain managerial positions in banks, insurance companies, and the like.

A typical bankruptcy file contains a wealth of both vital and personal information. Reviewing a bankruptcy file should never be taken lightly. The complications of an individual's life, and their intersection with his or her financial viability are invariably made clear. Why a person has filed and for what amount is made clear. In most cases these situations have arisen because of medical or financial hardships. According to a recent study published in The Washington Post, 62% of all bankruptcies filed in 2007 came as a result of rampant medical expenses.

It is always in your best interest to utilize the most accurate bankruptcy information. The comprehensive network of judicial databases at is designed to help you find verifiable, cross-referenced case files. Mistaken identity or partial case files are not enough, especially if the fate of a potential employee hangs in the balance. New lines or credit, home loans, and future ventures are all hinged on trust. Unfortunately, trust cannot be measured ? it can, however, be verified. Find the information you need, as quickly and accurately as possible and protect your business and financial wherewithal by knowing who is applying for a job, a loan, or even a lease.