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New Jersey Bankruptcy Court

The New Jersey Bankruptcy Court is the state's judicial division which deals with matters related to bankruptcy. Whether the bankruptcy is filed under chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13, the court handles all applications filed by individuals as well as companies towards bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court is the authority that decides whether a file for bankruptcy is genuine and acceptable or not. In addition, all filings are meticulously documented and relevant details are kept in the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court Records which are subsequently made available to the public for their use.

New Jersey State bankruptcy court is assigned the responsibility of adjudicating cases of bankruptcy in the state. A look at the New Jersey bankruptcy court record would reveal the number of cases that were filed under the different bankruptcy laws of the country. As an individual consumer, you can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are also known as straight bankruptcy where the entire procedure is supervised by the courts. The assets are liquidated to generate cash that are then distributed amongst the creditors by the trustee. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as the wage earner's bankruptcy, the debtor gets ample time to make repayments. These federal statutes are, however, subject to state-specific exemptions.

New Jersey Bankruptcy court forms are significant part of filing a bankruptcy case. These forms need to be filled up with proper details in order to file a case on bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Court Information provides all details including details about the different types of exemptions and some of them are listed below:

  • Income form allowance agreement is exempted up to US$ 500 every month under section 17B:24-7
  • Benefits for death or disability pertaining to the members of the military is exempted under 38A:4-8
  • Income from group insurance is exempted under section 17B:24-9
According to New Jersey bankruptcy records, 1,416,902 bankruptcies were filed in one calendar year 2008. This statistics include both personal and business bankruptcies. However, this count does not represent the number of citizens filing bankruptcies. This denotes that there was this number of cases filed till December 31 in New Jersey bankruptcy record courts.

Find New Jersey Bankruptcy Records Online

New Jersey Bankruptcy Courts are located at different places for the convenience of the people. The locations are Camden, Trenton, and Newark. All bankruptcy cases filed by individuals and businesses are heard at these courts. The courts are also responsible for maintaining the records of these cases. If you need to cross check a person's financial history or a business's credentials, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. With the help of online resources, it is easy to track a particular New Jersey Bankruptcy Court file and its details. The information is available for free. However, you need to pay a nominal fee if you wish to take a hardcopy of the document for personal use.

When looking for information related to bankruptcy attorneys, courts, court times and general rules, these websites can really be a great help for you. There are different court locations in one particular place. If you have a hearing, it is recommended to make an appointment beforehand to know the venue.