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Utah Bankruptcy Court

The Utah bankruptcy court was set up in order to help thousands of debtors to get rid of their debts, worries and agonies. The bankruptcy court of Utah enables the debtors to pay off their debts following the federal law and live a debt free life. The Utah bankruptcy court protects the debtors from the constant harassment of the creditors. They get a breather from the threatening calls of the creditors and can have a proper procedure under the federal law to pay off their debts.

Utah Bankruptcy Exemptions

Like every other states in the United States of America, the bankruptcy courts of Utah also follow the same federal law of bankruptcy. But there are a few bankruptcy exemptions that the Utah courts follow. These bankruptcy exemptions are:

  • If the debtor is a single owner then he can get an exemption of $10,000 on his mobile home, real property and water rights. If the debtors are co owners or joint owners then they can get an exemption of up to $20,000 in the Utah bankruptcy.
  • The debtors in Utah can get an exemption in insurance benefits too. This insurance benefit includes coverage for hospital and medical expenses, disability benefits and others. If he has a life insurance then he will be entitled to $1500 cash surrender. The court even proceeds from the life insurance policies that have beneficiaries like dependent, children or spouse.
  • The Utah court of bankruptcy does not include pensions in its proceedings. The basic livelihood for government employees and their pensions are exempted from the rules of bankruptcy
  • There are many personal properties that are kept under exemption from the proceedings of the Utah bankruptcies. These things include aft and craft that has been a family heritage or done by a family member, pets and other domestic animals, mementos, musical instruments and books that is worth no more than $500, burial plot, clothing, food stuffs that are meant to be consumed within 3 months, essential household utility gadgets like fridge, oven, washing machine, heater, dryer and others. These are not included in the list of bankruptcy proceedings to pay off the debts.

Review Utah Bankruptcies Online

If you are looking for some information on the Utah bankruptcies then Internet can be one f the reliable source. There many websites that has been developed with the sole purpose of helping people with the vital information about the bankruptcies and the various chapters. Most of these websites are government operated and thus you can be rest assured of the authenticity of the information provided in these websites. These websites can be your one-stop solution on your quest of bankruptcy courts in Utah.

The websites have overall information about bankruptcy in Utah, some of the most frequently asked questions, details of cases that has already got discharged and the also the pending cases. The Utah bankruptcy courts have their websites too. These websites are updated frequently for the people to get the latest information regarding the Utah bankruptcy.