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Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court

The Oklahoma trial court system consists of the Municipal Courts, the District Courts, The Workers' Compensation Court, Court of Tax Review, and The Court on the Judiciary. Municipal and District Courts are the chief trial courts in Oklahoma state. District courts of Oklahoma have general jurisdictions and criminal and civil cases are dealt by district courts. Oklahoma Bankruptcy courts are located in three locations: Eastern District Court, Northern District Court, and Western District Court.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court of Eastern district is located at Okmulgee and Eastern District court deals with the Oklahoma Bankruptcies of Atoka, Adair, Carter, Bryan, Cherokee, Coal, Choctaw, Haskell, Latimer, Love, Le Flore, Johnston, McCurtain, Murray, Hughes, Muskogee, Okfuskee, Sequoyah, Pittsburg, Seminole, Pontotoc, Wagoner, and Pushmataha. Oklahoma Northern District Court is located at Tulsa and deals with Bankruptcy cases of Creek, Craig, Mayes, Delaware, Nowata, Osage, Ottawa, Rogers, Tulsa, Pawnee, and Washington.

The Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court of Western District has the jurisdiction right over the Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court records and legal litigations of Alfalfa, Beckham, Blaine, Beaver, Custer, Canadian, Cimarron, Caddo, Comanche, Custer, Cotton, Dewey, Garfield, Ellis, Grady, Greer, Grant, Harper, Harmon, Kay, Jefferson, Kingfisher, Kiowa, Logan, Lincoln, Major, McClain, Noble, Payne, Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, Stephens, Roger Mills, Texas, Tillman, Woods, Washita, Woodward with its court locations at Lawton and Oklahoma City.

In a statistical research based upon the year 2002, there have been a total of 24,497 cases filed in the state of Oklahoma of which 23,890 are consumer based and the rest 607 were business organization. It is also to be noted that a vast amount of these are Chapter 7 filings that deals with liquidation of current assets. As per the figures district wise, there have been a staggering 13,071 records from the Western District while only 6,680 were from Northern Province. The Oklahoma Eastern district court reported 4,746 filings in comparison. This clearly highlights that the Western district people are more prone towards the bankruptcy filings and procedures.

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Few Online records of Oklahoma Bankruptcy Courts

Bankruptcy information for Oklahoma provides a comprehensive resource for consumers exploring bankruptcy and for legal professionals seeking to extend their knowledge of the bankruptcy laws. Few recent examples are mentioned for immediate reference:

  • Dated June 15, 2009 with case number, 5:2009cv00630, it is the case of the plaintiff Eagle Drilling LLC suited against the defendants Quicksilver Resources Inc, New Tech Engineering LP, Dan Lockwood and Paul J Cool in the Oklahoma City Office of Western District court. This case is reportedly under the presiding Judge Honorable Stephen P. Friot.
  • In another case the appellee Target Corporation took the defendant Jim's Commercial Cleaning Ltd to bankruptcy court on April 23, 2009 with file number 5:2009cv00439. This case is filed in the same Oklahoma City Office under the Judge Honorable Timothy D. DeGiusti.
  • It is already evident, that bankruptcy records of Oklahoma do provide a comprehensive resource for consumers exploring bankruptcy and for legal professionals and students, researchers seeking to extend their knowledge of the bankruptcy laws. And it is essentially the duty of the Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court and its officials to make these databases available online to the public through its PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records apart from settling bankruptcy cases.