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Colorado Bankruptcy Court

The Colorado Bankruptcy Court records as well as general information on bankruptcy rules can be viewed by logging in to the United States Bankruptcy Court - District of Colorado website. The information is considered to be fairly accurate; however, the information given should be used for educating the general public and not for citing as an instance in case of disputes.

You may note that the ruling for bankruptcy cases filed in Colorado Bankruptcy Courts after October 17, 2005 differ considerably from the cases recorded before that period. Apart from giving general as well specific information on bankruptcy basics and bankruptcy laws for the State of Colorado, the site also profiles a few cases of high interest.

The Shane Co, Case No. 09-10367 HRT and case number 08-23125 MER Mercury Companies, Inc. are only two of the several case listed District of Colorado website. These cases are also updated from time to time although this is certainly not the resource for providing accurate updated information. The disclaimer on the page is prominently displayed and states that the United States Bankruptcy Court, particularly the Colorado Bankruptcy Court cannot be held responsible for any misinformation posted on related public websites.

Review Colorado Bankruptcies Online

Most Colorado Bankruptcy Court records can be reviewed online by accessing various online resources both free as well as paid ones. You can also directly link to Colorado Bankruptcy Courts through these sites. Once you visit the States official site, you can perform a bankruptcy record search, download required forms and get your bankruptcy queries answered.

The easiest way to find out a United State record including records of Colorado Bankruptcy Courts online is the PACER or the Public Access Court Electronic Record system. This is the most dependable online resource in the country and almost all sites contain a link to PACER when it comes to finding out court records. The PACER too has undergone a lot of changes. Most of these changes are a direct result of customer requests. You can now choose not to enter your client code while logging Into CM/ECF. You can now set a new preference to turn off the display of transaction receipts. The 'Court Information' link can give you important information about the court hours, public holidays as well as location and useful contact numbers.

You can also find a compilation of Federal court statistics by logging in to PACER. The F5a report available on PACER will provide you with a summary of all business as well as non-business bankruptcy petitions. Chapter can also view the bankruptcy petitions for a period of one year. County, circuit and judiciary can also display it. Bankruptcy appeals for all States including Colorado can be viewed from the Civil Justice Reform Act Reports. You can choose to download or take a print out of the detailed report if so inclined. These reports are actually available on the U.S. Party/Case Index and you need to pay 8 cents per page for downloading the documents. The files are updated on the U.S. Party/Case Index as soon as new data is released by the Administrative Authorities.