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Tennessee Bankruptcy Court

The mission of the Tennessee Bankruptcy Court is to provide assistance to the honest but unfortunate debtors of the state of Tennessee in obtaining a fresh financial start and to promote equality of treatment among creditors similarly situated pursuant to the Bankruptcy Court Code and rules.

The Tennessee Bankruptcy Court is composed of three divisions to make judicial supervision easier. The divisions are made geographically. Hence the Tennessee Bankruptcy Court is divided into the Tennessee Eastern District Court, Tennessee Middle District Court and Tennessee Western District Court.

The Tennessee Eastern District court has its jurisdiction over more than 40 counties including that of Washington with three courts at Chattanooga, Greeneville and Knoxville. The Middle District Court has court offices in Columbia, Cookeville and Nashville which handles more than 30 counties. The Tennessee Western District courts are based at Jackson and Memphis and have jurisdiction over 21 counties.

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The authentic Tennessee Bankruptcy Court Records are available in Internet in government websites. The sites are there for your convenience and are an integral part of the administrative service to the public, the bar, bench, students, court and also government agencies. They provide debtors, creditors, attorneys and trustees with invaluable access to the Bankruptcy Court Information.

Registering at the database search forum of the Tennessee Bankruptcy Records will give you the ability to search information about new documents, announcements, rules, bankrupt consumers and business associations along with the procedural changes of the Court(if any).

In terms of the figures as detailed by the Authority of the Bankruptcy Courts, the year 2002 has seen a total of 63,208 Bankruptcy Records out of which 62,473 are from Consumers and the other 735 from Business agencies. The reports records that out of those numbers, the massive 28,207 is alone from the western district while only 19,524 are from the east. The middle District Court listed 15,477 files suits in that year. Majority of Bankruptcy cases are filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

There are various reasons someone would have need to research a bankruptcy proceeding, but investigating possible fraud is among the most common in Tennessee. Other reasons may include performing a routine background check of a new employee or a business partner.