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Ohio Bankruptcy Court

For those of our readers who may be unfamiliar to the term, Bankruptcy refers to a state of weakened financial condition that makes it impossible for individuals and organizations to clear their outstanding debts. As a result of the financial turmoil prevailing all round the world, there have been numerous bankruptcy relief petitions in the United States Bankruptcy courts, the Ohio Bankruptcy Court being no exception to this rule.

The Ohio Bankruptcy Court is one of the members of Sixth circuit bankruptcy courts along with the Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee bankruptcy courts. The sixth circuit is one of the worst affected in the entire country with a total number of nearly 230,000 filings for personal bankruptcy in all its courts. What is even more alarming is the fact that Ohio bankruptcy court records revealed that Ohio is the highest contributor among sixth circuit courts with a total number of bankruptcy petitions amounting to approximately 90,000 in the year ending on December 2008.

If you are a citizen in Ohio reading this, you might already have realized the potential threat to your monetary condition from bankruptcy frauds. When the citizens need to engage in monetary transactions in this kind of turbulent market, they must carry out a proper background check of the individuals or organizations they wish to deal with to ensure their financial viability. The best way to do this is to review the Ohio Bankruptcy Records which are available online for the general public. Next we inform you about the sources of such information.

Review Ohio Bankruptcy Records

There are two bankruptcy courts in Ohio. First there is the Northern District of Ohio bankruptcy court and then there is the Southern district of Ohio bankruptcy court. If you are interested in bankruptcy records of an individual or an organization which falls under the jurisdiction of United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Ohio you need to give the courts official website a visit.

On the left hand side of the home page of the courts website there is a menu titled Case Information. This takes the user straight to the bankruptcy records information page. The citizen is presented with several choices here. Firstly he or she can visit the court during its office hours from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm and obtain the information from the electronic public terminal. They also have the option to use the VCIS or the Voice Case information System. VCIS operates through a touch-tone phone with the phone number provided on the website itself. Both the electronic public terminal and the VCIS are free of cost services.

Then there are the paid services. The most used service with a customer base of nearly 120,000 spanning throughout the entire country is the Web PACER that provides the user with all the Ohio Bankruptcy Court Record details from the comfort of their houses. The citizens are even permitted to take a hard copy of the records obtained by accessing the courts database from their homes. If you need physical records of closed cases you will need to drive all the way to your nearest National Archive and Record administration office. So remember to have a look into the Ohio Bankruptcy Court records to save your personal credit.