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Michigan Bankruptcy Court

Public access to Michigan Bankruptcy Court basics can be obtained by logging in to the Unites States Bankruptcy court websites. You can directly follow the link given within the site in order to gain access to either the Eastern or the Western districts of Michigan according to your requirement. You can also familiarize yourself with the bankruptcy information before checking out the Michigan Bankruptcy Records. You will find all Michigan Bankruptcy Record details from the Public Information Series pamphlet issued by the Bankruptcy Judges Division. All Michigan Bankruptcy Court information is particularly useful for both the debtors and the creditors. Court personnel, members of the media as well as the general public also stand to gain a lot by accessing the information relevant to them.

The bankruptcy court also provides detailed information on the different laws pertaining to the bankruptcy cases, the different chapters under which the bankruptcy cases can be filed, the clauses mentioned under the different chapters such as chapters 7, 11, and 13, the exemptions provided for the bankruptcy cases.

Review Michigan Bankruptcy Records

Formerly the PACER allowed members of the general public to dial in to the bankruptcy courts in order to retrieve formal official documents in an electronic form. PACER is much more easily accessible since it is now available on the Internet. If you are keen on going through Michigan Bankruptcy Court Records, then you just log in to the resource at your leisure. It will also be possible for you to view the national index for US courts by clicking on the link at the bottom of the webpage. You, however, need to be a registered user if you want to avail of this service.

The US courts are now actively encouraging attorneys and creditors to file for new bankruptcy cases by using the Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system. Electronic bankruptcy notices are a new addition to this utility. Persons using this service can receive the court notices much more promptly via e-mail instead of the traditional snail mail. You can easily get a brochure with all details of the noticing system from

The Michigan Bankruptcy Court for Eastern Michigan allows the public to dial into the database of the court through a touch-tone phone. This facility is known as the "Voice Case Information System". You can get information on all available bankruptcy cases right from the case number to the last known status of the case. However, you can only find entire details for cases filed on or after October 1, 1992.

It is also possible to search for funds that have been lying dormant with the court because of its unclaimed status. Most of these funds lie unclaimed after they are proposed to be distributed among the creditors following a settlement of a bankruptcy case. Creditors who want to recover the fund later on can search through the court website by the case number, creditor's name or the debtor's name. Submitting an application form to the treasury along with a copy of the proposed order and proof of identity can make actual recovery of the funds.

After checking out the court transcripts online, it is possible for you to obtain duplicate tapes of the court hearings from the office of the U.S. Trustee. You just need to fill up a transcript order form in order to receive the duplicate records.