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Sixth Circuit Bankruptcy Court

Every court for filing cases on bankruptcy in the United States of America falls under a certain circuit. These circuit courts consist of all the courts of states under the jurisdiction of the circuit. There are first circuit courts, second circuit courts and so on. The Sixth Circuit Bankruptcy Court consists of four states of America. The states under the sixth circuit are Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. All the courts under these states fall in the sixth circuit courts. Thus the bankruptcy courts in different districts of these four states also fall in the sixth circuit.

The state courts that fall under the 6th circuit courts are divided into different districts. The state of Kentucky has Kentucky eastern bankruptcy court, Kentucky eastern district court, Kentucky western bankruptcy court and Kentucky western district court. Like wise the courts in the state of Michigan is also divided in districts too. It has Michigan eastern bankruptcy court, Michigan eastern district court, Michigan western bankruptcy court and Michigan western district court.

The courts in the state of Ohio have Ohio Northern bankruptcy court, Ohio Northern district court, Ohio southern bankruptcy court, and Ohio southern district court and Ohio southern probation office. The courts in the state of Tennessee have Tennessee eastern bankruptcy court, Tennessee eastern district court, Tennessee middle bankruptcy court, Tennessee middle district court, Tennessee western bankruptcy court and Tennessee district court.

Kentucky bankruptcy courts falls under the jurisdiction of the Sixth Circuit Bankruptcy Court. The state of Kentucky has two bankruptcy courts. One is in the eastern part and other in the western part of the district. The Kentucky bankruptcy court is also known as the 6th bankruptcy court. The Kentucky bankruptcy court has its website from which you can get all the information about the bankruptcy courts in the state. The home page of the site provides you with address, timings, old records as well as the latest updates.

Like Kentucky the Michigan bankruptcy court also falls under the 6th circuit bankruptcy court of the United States. The state of Michigan also has two bankruptcy courts, the Michigan western bankruptcy court and the Michigan eastern bankruptcy court. The information of the Michigan bankruptcy court is available online. There are government websites that provides detailed information about the Michigan bankruptcy courts.

The Ohio bankruptcy court falls under the sixth circuit bankruptcy courts. Like the other two states under the sixth circuit, the state of Ohio has two bankruptcy courts. They are the Ohio northern bankruptcy court and the Ohio southern bankruptcy court. There are total five courts in Ohio that falls under the sixth circuit. The state of Ohio also has their government websites that provides court and bankruptcy records to everyone.

Like the other three states, the Tennessee bankruptcy court falls under the sixth bankruptcy courts. The state of Tennessee has three bankruptcy courts divided amongst three districts. These are the Tennessee eastern bankruptcy court, Tennessee middle bankruptcy court and Tennessee western bankruptcy court. All the bankruptcy cases of this state get filed under these three districts. The Tennessee bankruptcy courts also have their websites to help people with information and records. These websites are updated everyday so that you can get even the most recent development taken place in law and order.