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Indiana Bankruptcy Court

If you are facing an immediate threat of bankruptcy, then the authority to go to in the state of Indiana is the Indiana Bankruptcy Court. Whether you file for bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 13, the bankruptcy court is the supreme authority to receive and consider all bankruptcy applications in the state. As an added convenience, the bankruptcy court in Indiana keeps detailed Indiana Bankruptcy Court Records of all cases that are presented before it. Such information is made public in order to help facilitate smoother background checks and the like.

Indiana bankruptcy can be filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the federal bankruptcy laws. According to Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy laws, one can clear all the outstanding debts by making payments over a period of time. It is also known as wage earner's bankruptcy and is therefore suitable for those who have a regular source of income. An Indiana Bankruptcy Court Record features all information about the number of cases filed under each of the bankruptcy laws.

As per the Bankruptcy Court Information of Indiana there are several exemptions provided as a part of the bankruptcy laws of the state. These exemptions are listed below,

  • All real estate or personal property used for residing are exempted up to US$ 7,500 under section 34-55-10-2(b) (1)
  • In case of homestead as a part of the personal property, apart from the health benefits exemptions should not exceed US$ 10000 under section 34-55-10-2(c)
  • Any property which is being used by tenants may be exempted under the section 34-55-10-2(b) (5)
  • Any kind of benefits for the brotherhood or society is exempted under section 27-11-6-3
The statistics of bankruptcy in Indiana varies in every county. However, as per the Indiana bankruptcy records, most of the cases filed are on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. It is always recommended to consult a reliable bankruptcy attorney who can guide you through the minor details of the bankruptcy. According to the last recorded statistics, 53520 bankruptcy cases were filed in Indiana in the year 2002 of which 43015 cases were of Chapter 7 and 103207 of Chapter 13. That is so because these two chapters deal with personal bankruptcies and rehabilitation to cope with it.

Review Indiana Bankruptcies Online

When someone files for bankruptcy in the state of Indiana, the record of the filing and subsequent legal proceedings are all documented and preserved as part of the court records. The related files may be obtained from the Indiana Bankruptcy Court locations: Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Hammond, South Bend for the Northern District and Evansville, New Albany, Indianapolis, Richmond for the Southern District. However, locating a bankruptcy file from the hoards of records is a difficult task if done manually. It is a good idea to look for relevant records of bankruptcy filings from online sources. A number of governmental and non-governmental websites offer updated databases of all bankruptcy cases filed within the state.