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Vermont Bankruptcy Court

If you are in Vermont and need information related to bankruptcy and the necessary formalities, the Vermont Bankruptcy Court is the authority to go to. When you want to file for bankruptcy in the state, irrespective of the nature and chapter under which it is filed, the Vermont court for bankruptcy is the place for you. The court not only receives applications for bankruptcy, it also decides whether a filing is legitimate under the state and federal laws pertaining to bankruptcy and based on that, it decides whether to accept the application. Additionally, each application is well documented and kept in the Vermont Bankruptcy Court Records for future reference.

Vermont Bankruptcy Court cases can be filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy laws of the country. Chapter 7 cases are that of straight bankruptcy where the assets are taken over by the trustee and then liquidated to generate cash. This cash is distributed amongst the creditors. This can help to get rid of all the existing debts and start anew.

Under Chapter 13 or Wage Earner Bankruptcy, the debt can be cleared over a certain period of time and that is why it is less favored than Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Though the bankruptcy laws across the country are uniform, there are certain state-specific exemptions.

Vermont State Bankruptcy Court operates on weekdays from 8 in morning to 5 in evening. It remains closed on every Federal holiday. Bankruptcy courts in Vermont are in Rutland and Burlington. In 2002, there were 1826 bankruptcies filed in Vermont courts, in 2006 which was much below 1200, and in 2008 even in post recession phase, there were only 895 cases filed. You will get all these details in the official website for the state or in the websites which have received affiliation from them. All these pieces of information are extracted from reliable agencies and public record archives.

You need to fill up the Vermont Bankruptcy Court Forms if you are filing for bankruptcy in the state. It is often used as a last resort to clear your financial problems and begin afresh. These forms are available from the court locations at Montpelier and Rutland. You can also download these forms from online websites.

Find Vermont Bankruptcy Records Online

If you wish to check whether a particular individual or business has ever filed for bankruptcy, all you need to do is access the bankruptcy records of the state. The online sources give you all information regarding the bankruptcy cases filed in the state in no time and that too without any charges.