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Connecticut Bankruptcy Court

With the ongoing recession in the country, the number of bankruptcy filings has also increased. Since bankruptcy courts in all the states are the authorities who are responsible to hear on bankruptcy pleas, they are witnessing an influx of applications like never before. Such is the case with the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court as well. The court looks over all bankruptcy filings in the state and passes judgment on whether a particular application is legitimate under the laws of the land. Additionally, it also maintains records of all the cases that are handled by it. For public utilization, such Connecticut Bankruptcy Court Records are made available to everyone who wishes to look through the information.

Connecticut bankruptcy court record provides details about the cases filed in Connecticut State bankruptcy court. In the US, most bankruptcy cases are filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy laws. The court closely supervises chapter 7 cases as the trustee takes stock of all the assets of the debtor that are then liquidated. The cash generated following the liquidation is paid to the creditors. Under Chapter 7, there are hardly an exemptions made for properties and therefore these are also known as no asset cases. On the other, Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are filed by those who wish to retain their assets, those which do not fall under the exemptions. In these cases, the debt amount can be repaid within a span of time.

In order to file a bankruptcy case you would require Connecticut Bankruptcy Court Forms. According to the bankruptcy court information there are different types of forms for cases filed under different bankruptcy chapters like Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. The bankruptcy related information also provides details about the several exemptions allowed under the bankruptcy laws of the state of Connecticut. Some of the exemptions are listed below,

  • For real estate which include manufactured or mobile home, US$ 75000 is exempted under section 52-352b (t)
  • For insurance all benefits pertaining to disability and paid by any association of which the beneficiary is a member is exempted under section 52-352b (p)
  • For disability or health related reimbursements is exempted under 52-352b (e)
As per the Connecticut bankruptcy records, there had been 5890 bankruptcy filings in the state. If you are on the verge of joining the statistics, it is recommended to go through the sites that offer listings of the bankruptcy attorneys. They will brief you about the chapters and regulations of the state law. And if you are an investigator, reporter, someone doing research on the trends and statistics of bankruptcy or simply a layman looking for Connecticut bankruptcy record, these databases have been of great utility. There are official websites of US court as well as sites recognized by them. The later sites extract information from reliable archives.

Find Connecticut Bankruptcy Records Online

Connecticut Bankruptcy Courts located at Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford are responsible for maintaining the records of all bankruptcy cases filed in the state. If you wish to check the database for a particular record, it is a good idea to visit the court and look for the same. You can also take the help of online sources to locate the details of a particular bankruptcy case. In order to do this all you need to do is find the government website and search for the case file on this website. If a bankruptcy was filed, it sure is part of the official records preserved by the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court.