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California Bankruptcy Court

The California Bankruptcy Court is the authority which handles all bankruptcy filings in the state. While it has many sub divisions, it is essentially a single judicial entity handling all bankruptcy applications. The California Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Court, the California Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Court and the California Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court are all parts of the California bankruptcy court. Since the court itself maintains meticulous records of all the cases that have been handled by it, it facilitates an easy and smooth Online California Bankruptcy Search for the general public for cross checking backgrounds of people and similar applications.

California Bankruptcy Court Records contains all information regarding the cases filed in the California Federal Bankruptcy Court. California Bankruptcy Court Petition can be made under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the federal bankruptcy laws. The petition can be filed with the help of California Bankruptcy Court Forms. Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy laws is also known as Straight bankruptcy where the assets of the bankrupt individual are liquidated to generate the cash which in turn is given to the creditors. Chapter 13 is also known as the Wage Earner's bankruptcy where the debt is cleared over a span of time. Bankruptcy Court Public Records furnishes all relevant information about the bankruptcy court details.

The Bankruptcy Court Information service in California provide the California Bankruptcy Records which is a database containing information about California bankruptcy courts, California bankruptcy cases and filing for Bankruptcy under the jurisdiction of the State of California judicial services. The California bankruptcy search will provide you with all such information along with information on several exemptions under bankruptcy laws of the state. Some of the exemptions are provided below:

  • On personal property all types of appliances, clothing, furniture and furnishings are exempted under the section 704.020
  • Any deposit in the bank from Social Security Administration is exempted up to US$ 2000 under section 704.080 and the amount increased for both husband and wife to US$ 3000 under the same clause.
The database of California bankruptcy files is frequently searched and frequently updated because it is the hub of many businesses, cultural, social, political and financial events. As a result people often make online Bankruptcy search whenever a major name files for bankruptcy. If you are looking for California Court Records, the state website may be of great help. You can visit the online websites for California bankruptcy verification. You can also visit the bankruptcy court at:

United States Bankruptcy Court - Central District of CaliforniaEdward R. Roybal Federal Building and Courthouse255 E. Temple Street, Room 940Los Angeles, CA 90012

Locate and Review California Bankruptcies Online

Not only does California Bankruptcy Court deal with the legal proceedings related to bankruptcy filings in the state, it also keeps updated databases of all bankruptcy files. The court locations are at:

  • Northern District: Eureka, Salinas, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Rosa
  • Eastern District: Bakersfield, Modesto, Fresno, Sacramento
  • Southern District: San Diego
  • Central District: Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Woodland Hills
Bankruptcy searches are common; bankruptcy search reveals whether a new business associate is dependable or not or whether investing in a business is a correct decision or not. California Courts also offer PACER or Public Access Court Electronic Records and you can search for relevant information using this service as well. The information available from California Court is updated on a regular basis.