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West Virginia Bankruptcy Court

The judicial system in the US follows a hierarchical structure so as to ease the burden of dispensing justice from the federal level courts. Not only does this facilitate faster and timelier justice, it also allows for organization of courts and their records of cases handles. In order to further organize the judicial system, different types of courts have been introduced to deal with different types of matters under the purview of the legal system. Divorce courts deal with divorce cases, criminal courts deal with criminal offences. Over the years, there has been another form of court that has become very prominent at the state level in its activities. This type of court is the Bankruptcy court. The West Virginia Bankruptcy Court is the court that handles such matters in West Virginia.

As a consumer you can file for bankruptcy in a West Virginia Bankruptcy Court under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the federal laws. A bankruptcy case in accordance with Chapter 7 is also known as Straight Bankruptcy. The one who has filed for such a bankruptcy can get rid of all the outstanding debts barring the one that are listed and start anew. On the other hand Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as Wage Earner Bankruptcy according to which the debts can be cleared over a period of time. Though these are uniformly followed throughout the country, there are certain state specific exemptions.

As per the West Virginia Bankruptcy Courts records the state laws pertaining to bankruptcies provide certain exemptions. The most common exemptions are:

  • Any kind of real estate and personal property including unused portions of farmhouse, which is used for dwelling, is exempted up to US$ 25000 under the section 38-10-4(a) of the bankruptcy laws.
  • All kinds of benefits provided to a brotherhood or society is exempted under section 33-23-21 of the state bankruptcy laws
  • Profit or income from group insurance is exempted under section 33-6-28
  • Benefits on healthcare and disability are exempted under section 38-10-4(j)
  • Payments made pertaining to life insurance policy for a dependent is exempted under section 38-10-4(k)
The West Virginia Bankruptcy Courts are broadly divided under West Virginia Northern District Court and West Virginia Southern District Court. The bankruptcy courts in the Northern District are located at Clarksburgh and Wheeling while the courts in the Southern District are at Bluefield, Beckley, Huntington, Charleston, and Parkersburg.

According to the last recorded statistics, the total number of West Virginia bankruptcies filed in a year including both the districts was 10466. This includes 9820 files under Chapter 7 and 555 of Chapter 13, as usual constituting the lion's share. Your attorney will brief you about the chapter that your case comes under. You will get the information on your case, your type of case as well as about hiring professional helps on various websites that offer the database of nationwide and statewide court records. The court meetings and other businesses can take place at different locations. Therefore, you should call up the court itself to know the venue of your hearing or a particular meeting.

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West Virginia Bankruptcy Court Records are available from a number of resources. You can manually check the records. But this is a mammoth task as all such records are documented. The easy way is to visit the official website and search for the particular record. The online bankruptcy records are available for free from this website.