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Bankruptcy filings are numerous and widespread in every state of the Unites States today. This is primarily due to two reasons. The increase in the amount of fraud that has been seen in the past few years is a major cause. Another cause is the slowdown in the economy, the sub-prime home loan crisis and the loss of jobs. This has meant that bankruptcy courts all over the country have seen increased activity. The North Carolina Bankruptcy Court, which serves the state of North Carolina as far as bankruptcy matters are concerned, has been one of these courts.

Complete information about the bankruptcy cases in North Carolina can be found in the North Carolina Bankruptcy Court Records. An individual in North Carolina can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the federal laws. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as liquidation bankruptcy as the all the assets, excluding those listed in the state specific exemption list are liquidated. The cash that is generated is used to clear the debts. On the other hand, in the cases filed against Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy laws, the outstanding debt is cleared in parts over a period of time. It may take up to three to five years to pay back the money to the court.

North Carolina Bankruptcy Records is one of the best sources of information about bankruptcy laws. These records also provide information on various exemptions such as:

  • Real estate, even cooperatives which is being used for living is exempted up to US$ 10000, and up to US$ 3500 of the unused property under the sections 1C-1601(a)(1) and (2)
  • Property occupied by tenants may exempted under In re Crouch, section 33 B. R. 271
  • Income from group insurance for employees is exempted under section 58-58-165
  • Community and fraternity benefits are exempted under section 58-24-85
  • Any property meant for partnership business is exempted under section 59-55
Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in USA is a federal court. This is located in capital of Virginia State, Richmond. Under this jurisdiction, there are nine district courts. Three district courts of North Carolina- Eastern, Western and Middle district courts constitute them. North Carolina bankruptcy court is a part of this structure. There were 19,731 bankruptcy cases filed in the year 2008, 1.96% of the total cases filed in entire USA. If you are one of them looking for a bankruptcy attorney, there are websites which refer you good ones. On being referred by these sites, these attorneys will give you consultancy free of cost.

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The North Carolina Bankruptcy Court is categorized under three divisions: North Carolina Eastern District Court, North Carolina Middle District Court and North Carolina Western District Court. The court locations under the Eastern District are at Elizabeth City, New Bern, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilson, and Wilmington; those under the Middle District are at Durham, Winston-Salem, Greensboro; and those under the Western District are at Ashville, Shelby, Charlotte, and Statesville. You can visit these courts for locating any particular bankruptcy case file. However, the easier way is to log on to the official website and search for a certain record with the first and second name of the individual