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Fourth Circuit Bankruptcy Court

As the global financial crisis continues to plague the economy round the world, its effects are certainly being felt in the world's largest economy. In recent times the United States of America has been a witness to massive retrenchments, growing unemployment rates, slower growth rates and a large number of bankruptcy relief petitions especially in the jurisdiction of Fourth Circuit Bankruptcy Court. The United States legislature has divided the entire country into nine different regions known as 'circuits'. Each circuit encompasses a certain number of states and the corresponding Bankruptcy Courts within those states. The states are further divided into several districts depending on their area with each district having its own United States Bankruptcy courts.

The Fourth circuit courts have a rich background history. They have been a part of American judiciary system since the early seventeenth century. After the realignment of circuits in 1866 the Fourth circuit was composed of six states. The 4th Circuit Courts are some of the most active in the entire nation with nearly 110,000 petitions for personal bankruptcy relief in the year 2008, according to a national survey conducted on the bankruptcy records of the respective 4th circuit courts. Moreover there are 2200 cases of business bankruptcy. These statistics are given to make you understand the seriousness of the present financial situation. It is not unlikely that you may end my losing a considerable amount of money by engaging in fraudulent transaction with a bankrupt person or an organization. We recommend that citizens should make it a habit to verify Fourth Circuit Bankruptcy Court Records which can be accessed online through several national and private websites. PACER service provided by the Federal judiciary is an authentic way to obtain records centrally.

Bankruptcy records of Fourth Circuit Bankruptcy Courts usually contain information such as the case number, the present case status, names of the individual or the organization, attorneys name with contact details, trustees name with contact details, social security number, income tax id, addresses of individuals and companies and so on. The most critical piece of information is the present case status for it translates into the present financial condition of the company. A proper analysis of this information gives you an overall idea about the viability of the organization or the individual.

To obtain bankruptcy records related to North Carolina Bankruptcy Court you need to visit the relevant district level bankruptcy courts website. For example if you wish to have a look into the records of middle district of North Carolina, you need to visit its corresponding official website. A similar website also exists for the Eastern district of North Carolina. There are three types of bankruptcy related exemptions in the North Carolina Bankruptcy Court. Firstly, there is Homestead that allows an exemption of 10,000 dollars for occupied real estates and 3500 dollars for unused property. Properties under occupation by tenants are also liable for exemption under In re Crouch. Secondly, income from group insurance and community and fraternity benefits are exempted under sections 58-58-155 and 58-24-85 respectively. Lastly, there exists an exemption under miscellaneous category for partnership business.

The Maryland 4th circuit Bankruptcy court has witnessed a total of 30,000 bankruptcy filings in recent times. This number indicates total number of bankruptcy petitions filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the US bankruptcy laws. In order to obtain relevant records the citizens need to give the District of Maryland United States Bankruptcy Court official website a visit. Once on the website they will come across a menu named 'case information'. Clicking on it reveals the bankruptcy record sources like VCIS, PACER and closed cases copies. Voice Case information system is an automated service which involves making a call to the courts computer. This service is free but only gives you a broad outline of the case. Public Access to Electronic court records is a paid service which costs a small amount of money, but is reliable, fast and can be availed from home provided you have an internet connection.

4th Circuit Bankruptcy Court of South Carolina has witnessed a total number of 734 personal bankruptcy filings in the month of January 2009. To review South Carolina Bankruptcy records online you need to give the United States Bankruptcy Court, district of South Carolina website a visit. Here you will come across the case statistics and party case index under the case information menu. In addition to the general information mentioned previously the bankruptcy records of South Carolina Bankruptcy Court contain details such as petition copies which start of a bankruptcy proceeding, approval orders of trustees appointed by the court, date of filing of the petition, assets and liabilities. Recently the bankruptcy court of South Carolina has seen increased number of chapter 7 filings. This is a more serious form of bankruptcy which often means the end of a business or an organization.

In case you need to access the Fourth Circuit Bankruptcy Court records of Virginia you will need to perform a search on its Eastern and Western district bankruptcy court of Virginia websites. The search process is simple and can be done by entering first name, last name and the date on which the case was filed. However you will need to specify the district under which your area falls. Various other websites are also available which allows you to perform a background check of an individual or an organization from the bankruptcy pint of view. Just to give you an idea regarding the alarming situation prevalent over the state of Virginia, 19,557 petitions of bankruptcy relief were filed in Virginia Bankruptcy court last year alone. The total number of bankruptcy filings in the entire country for the same period stood at 967831.

The Washington DC bankruptcy courts make their records public through the United States Bankruptcy court website. A bankruptcy search takes the name of company and the docket number as input from user yields relevant information regarding the present case situation and amount of money due to the creditor. The rules governing bankruptcy in Washington courts is somewhat tougher compared to the other bankruptcy courts. It is thus recommended that you find a suitable attorney before filing a bankruptcy in Washington DC Bankruptcy Court. The most common bankruptcy cases in Washington are related to lawsuits, credit card debt, home foreclosures and the mortgage loans. The information obtained from searching the records of 4th Circuit Courts of Washington is not only useful to the general public but also to lawyers who require this information for their court cases.

The West Virginia bankruptcy courts are divided into two main regions, The West Virginia Northern District Court and the West Virginia Southern District court. If you visit the websites of these courts you will come across information regarding public access like pacer net and pacer. Total number of bankruptcy filings in West Virginia alone amounts to 10,449. The bankruptcy courts of West Virginia have started a special program called 'care'. The Bankruptcy Bar Committee of the WV state bar association is the main sponsor for this program. The main goal of the care program is to teach college students the proper way to manage their credit cards so they can avoid facing a bankruptcy situation latter in their lives. The 4th Circuit Bankruptcy Court of West Virginia provides certain exemptions. The most popular ones are the Homestead and the Insurance exemptions. Homestead permits exemption up to 25000 dollars while the exemption in the insurance category varies. Exemptions in others category also exists.

So make it a point to review Fourth Circuit Bankruptcy Court records as often as possible, more so before engaging in any financial transactions or investments. This habit is sure to save you a lot of headaches in the future.