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Maine Bankruptcy Court

Filing for bankruptcy in the Maine Bankruptcy Court is a way out for individuals and businesses located in the State of Maine to either repudiate their loans or repay the money slowly over a period of time. While the attorney works together with the debtor for formulating such a plan, the Maine State Bankruptcy Court discourages the creditors from continuing with their collection efforts. You can get clerical and administrative support by approaching the Clerk's office at the Maine Bankruptcy Court.

This office will help to maintain all your bankruptcy papers and is also responsible for sending you notices in a timely manner. The public can also request the court for information regarding any particular Maine Bankruptcy Court Record. The court allows the public including attorneys and researchers to make copies of all required Maine Bankruptcy Court Records and related documents. However, you must keep in mind that the Clerk's office cannot provide you with legal advice although it is equipped to provide you with Maine Bankruptcy Court Forms. It can also educate you on the local rules prevalent in the bankruptcy court of Maine. You can photocopy a set of court forms if you feel the need for making additional copies. It might be more convenient for you to obtain the requisite forms from the official web site of Maine Bankruptcy Court.

Find Maine Bankruptcy Records Online

You may wish to look at Maine bankruptcy court records in order to follow the progress of your case. Searching bankruptcy records is frequently undertaken for making background checks on an individual too. With the convenience of online search facilities persons keen on establishing the financial credibility of their employees or business partners are increasingly accessing the system. Case information can be checked by calling up the clerk's office at Maine Bankruptcy Court or by email. However it is always more convenient to obtain the information over voice based system or the Internet.

The Voice Case Information System or VCIS present at the Clerk's office of the State Bankruptcy court reads out the entire case details with the aid of a computer generated recorded voice device. This system is totally free of charge and is available 24 hours of the day on all days including weekends.

You may also access the PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records via the Internet. This system is very helpful as it allows you to log in and find information from any geographical location. However you can only be privy to the information by accessing this system. PACER does not allow you to proceed with case filings through it. You need a CM /ECF login and password for filing facilities. However, PACER charges all users at the rate of $.08 per page. You can check out the information for getting an account by logging onto the PACER website. You can also call for obtaining more information on the PACER system at (800) 676-6856.

You can visit if you want to find out more about old archived bankruptcy records. You can obtain certified copies of the documents by paying a charge of $.50 per page as photocopy charge. An additional amount of $9.00 per document is normally taken as the certification fee.